Beginner’s Guide To Playing Lords Mobile

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Are you just getting started on playing Lords Mobile? We got you covered. Below, we will guide you on how to play Lords Mobile from a beginner’s perspective. Take note that this article is meant to be a guide for newer players, so if you are looking for a free lords mobile bot, please visit our other articles instead. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Protect your resources from attacks by upgrading the vault

Resources are very important in Lords Mobile. They will let you build anything, or research whatever you want. Without resources, you cannot progress in Lords Mobile. That’s why gathering and protecting resources is very important, and one effective way to protect your resources is via the vault building.

The vault building will safeguard a specific amount of the resources you have, with the amount protected increasing as the vault gets upgraded. Upgrading your resource producing buildings is important so that you’ll quickly gain a lot of resources, but upgrading the vault which protects your resources is just as important.

2. Constructing and upgrading things

Lords Mobile is centered on constructing and upgrading as fast as it is possible. Speed Ups is a good way to increase the rate at which upgrades and buildings finish. You are limited to constructing or upgrading just one building at a time, so be sure to take advantage of speed ups. A regular speed up will assist you with building improvements, research, creating troop, and more. Just make certain that you are not using it all the time, since you’ll quickly use all of it if you don’t save.

There are other ways of speeding up the progress on upgrades, construction, and research. Every time you are assisted by a guild member, the timer for your currently queued research or upgrade will go down. You may obtain a variety of speed increases by researching or through the talent system as well. You should try to balance your usage of speed ups and the other free methods of speeding up your constructions and upgrades to avoid running out of speed ups. After you have increased the speed of upgrade and construction by using the talents or research, a standard speed up might not even be needed that much.

3. Solo and Hell Events

Make sure that you are aware of the solo and hell events that are happening in game. These events allow you to acquire speed ups, chests, and other resources for a minimal cost. Solo and hell events will allow you to progress much faster for minimal cost, which is always a good point.

4. Increase the size of your army

Don’t be scared to use a lot of tier 1 troops in your army. Although they might be bad for offensive or defensive purposes, these units can allow you to harvest resources. More resources is always welcome in Lords Mobile, allowing you to upgrade your mines, forests, and a lot of other buildings. It also helps with research and other things that require resources.

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