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From revealing your listing to prepping up your space, being an Airbnb host can be challenging since you must take full responsibility to deliver exceptional service to your guest. Thus, it would be best if you made all preparations before your guest arrives. This way, you can provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for whoever comes to find a home in your space. Not only that but making arrangements in advance will also ensure that your Airbnb has everything that your guest may require. So, if you’re wondering about the hosting process or how to host for Airbnb, just read on our Airbnb host checklist!

Acquire Legal Insurance and Documents

Before you host, you must be well-aware of all the legal regulations of Airbnb. Also, ensure that you have the standard insurance and certification to host vacation rental stays. It would be best if you were authentic while creating a listing on Airbnb. For doing so, you can provide a detailed yet, captivating rental description. Also, upload photos of your property that will highlight your rental’s amenities and key features. Ace your communication.

Effective communication is the key to attracting more guests to your rental property to become an ultimate Airbnb host. A way to achieve that is by always responding promptly and professionally to your guest. In contrast, miscommunication and slow response will harm your Airbnb ratings.

Host Protection Programs

To ensure the guests’ protection and support you in the rare event of an incident, most Airbnb bookings include property damage protection and liability insurance.

Creating a safe environment while following COVID-19 safety guidelines and a cleaning process for the host. Stock the Essentials: Different guests will have other requirements. Hence, it would be best if you stocked up your home with all the amenities. Furthermore, it will help if you offer a full range of Airbnb supplies for your guest.

Welcome Gift

A perfect welcome gift is a great way to make a lasting impression on your guest. Furthermore, if you want to create a 5-star Airbnb experience, you can get creative and add an element of surprise to your gift.

Some unique and creative welcome gift ideas you can consider for an impressive start.

  • Custom made soap
  • Beauty travel kit
  • Local/ unique product
  • Hand-baked goods
  • Personalized luggage tags
  • Nuts/box
  • Snack gift basket
  • Handwritten welcome note

Bathroom/ Bedroom Amenities

Most guests are accustomed to the basic amenities that hotels provide. So, some of the necessary bathroom supplies you should arrange before your guest check-in are:

  • Bath towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Makeup mirror
  • Hand wash
  • Towel hooks
  • Dental kit
  • Shower gel
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Feminine Hygiene products

The bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible because it is where your guest will rest and relax. Besides, it would be best if you decorated your bedroom in a way that will enable your guest to get a peaceful sleep. Thus, you should make the necessary arrangements and provide the following bedroom amenities.

  • A spacious bed
  • Premium mattress
  • Fresh linens
  • Plush duvet
  • Pillows
  • Bedside table
  • Lamp
  • Air conditioner/ table fan/ heater
  • Wi-Fi Password
  • Wardrobe essentials
  • Room slipper
  • Laundry bag

Kitchen/ Sitting room Amenities

Allow a ‘home away from home experience. Some of your short-term rental guests may prefer to dine out, whereas others may enjoy cooking their food. For many people, the kitchen is their sanctuary. Therefore, it is crucial to fully stock your kitchen with all necessary amenities and make your guest feel at home.

The lounge is an integral part of the house. Besides, your guest will spend most of their time in the sitting area when they are at home. Or rather, it will probably be the first room they enter after their daily activity. Therefore, your job as a host is to make your sitting room comfortable, relaxing as well as welcoming.

Outdoor Space

If you have a backyard, balcony, or a front porch, make sure you maintain and keep it clean. That’s because many people prefer houses with open spaces that provide fresh air. Thus, if you have an outdoor space, it is an excellent opportunity to attract more guest. Create the first impression on your guest with your outdoor space; Manicured yard, Green grass, Fresh flowers, Seating area, Swimming pool, BBQ stand with coals/ gas.

Your job as an Airbnb host isn’t over yet, and you need to inspect the condition of your property, rental property as well as repair and restock supplies. 

On the whole, make sure to start with the basics and arrange amenities according to your guest’s requirements. To host for an Airbnb, put an effort to go the extra mile and add a few extras to provide your guest’s memorable stay. With this Airbnb Host Checklist, you can soon be on your way to get excellent reviews and become a great host.

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