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Online auctions are everywhere. Some specialize in one type of product and others are jacks of all trades. In this mix is a new auction site called Auction Addict.

Auction Addict is like a hodgepodge of major retailers. It is an alternative to eBay. You can browse through a wide variety of products and bargain shop between retailers like Wal-mart and

The large variety of items to be found works to keep the prices reasonable. It is free to register with the site. Once you come up with a username and password you can look around and see what items are currently in auctions.

If you have something to sell, come on over. Any member of the site can list their auction items for free. Setting up individual stores on Auction Addict is also encouraged and there is no charge. The site provides step by step instructions to get you started on your store.

Sellers also avoid paying commission fees on items when they sell. This helps to keep the price low on more popular items for auction. Items for sale include computers, trading cards, stamps, clothing, and electronics – to name a few. If you find that an item is not available, offering it and building a niche on that site can bring you profit.

Auction Addict is free for buyers. They can register with the site and look around for items to bid on. When it comes to paying for winning bids, Auction Addict offers a wide variety of accepted payments. They take credit cards, checks, money orders, and also run a service similar to PayPal. There is a payment method to fit your needs.

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Before you bid, evaluate the sellers as well as the products. Auction Addict uses a feedback system similar to that used on other auction sites. Potential bidders can view the feedback left by other buyers for a particular seller.

If the feedback is good, then you can be reasonably sure that the seller has dealt honestly and in a timely manner with their customers. As a buyer, you are also encouraged to leave feedback when you win a bid. Others will use it to measure the worth of a seller.

Negative feedback is a fair indicator that buyers have had problems with a seller. Proceed with caution when dealing with that seller or better still, look for another seller with a better feedback rating who is selling a similar item. The feedback system is in place to ensure safe practices during auctions.

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