All you need to know about Guaranteed Issue Insurance Plans

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Open enrollment programs or guaranteed issue programs ensure guaranteed health insurance when a company would otherwise refuse coverage under the existing Federal laws in the United States. Ordinarily a client is allowed to buy a health insurance policy when he passes the application process by the insurance company. More often than not, American citizens at advanced ages are refused by the guaranteed issue program for by the insurance company. A guaranteed issue program allows the senior citizen to buy health insurance with or without a high deductible. How does it work? Guaranteed issue programs ordinarily involve health insurance plans. A prospective client must apply for one of the health insurance plans within 63 days of the date on which any of the following events takes place: – Benefits provided under the guaranteed issue program hitherto sponsored by the client’s employer has ended

  • The client loses his eligibility for continued coverage under the guaranteed issue program, or
  • Loss of eligibility to continue the guaranteed issue program occurs due to divorce or death of a spouse, or
  • The insurance company fails to continue the guaranteed issue program due to reasons to be explained in writing.
  • If the client moves out of the service area of the insurance company providing the guaranteed issue program.

Millions of Americans are constantly searching for a Insurance program that will act as a real health insurance plan. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest merchants who take full advantage of the urge of American citizens to obtain a health insurance under a guaranteed issue program. You can easily find best private healthcare uk and enjoy the services offered by them. the online registrations are also available for the people along with online consultations. The insurance plans provided by these private firms come with different coverages at different price. 

The promises made in such health insurance plans are seldom fulfilled. These faulty guaranteed issue program health insurance plans neither have the official backing of a reputable insurance company nor the contractual obligation ensuring a doctor’s service or a hospital’s care. Many of these so called guaranteed issue program health insurance plans unfortunately provide no benefits at all. Beware of bad guaranteed issue program health insurance plans. Please visit pre-existing-medical for details on how to get real health insurance. Under the existing Federal laws in America today, the insurance companies are under no obligation to provide a guaranteed issue program health insurance plant to its customers.

Though a customer is free to opt for a guaranteed issue program health insurance plan, the stringent terms and conditions applied by the insurance companies prevent many folks from doing so. Those who are deprived of an insurance plan in this manner include people with pre-existing condition, those in advanced ages, and those who have changed their insurance carrier or have retired. We welcome all such Americans who are not able to obtain a health insurance plan for whatever reason. Our organization promises and delivers a guaranteed issue program health insurance plan that guarantees no refusal due to pre-existing conditions. We offer a guaranteed issue program for people who cannot qualify for health insurance due to various reasons.

Our guaranteed issue health insurance plan is real insurance that provides PPO network re-pricing which provides clients with tremendous savings. The guaranteed issue program health insurance plans that we provide are automatically renewable during a specified period of time. We welcome Americans with open arms who require a health insurance plan to enjoy the benefits of our real guaranteed issue program without any strings attached. Visit Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance for details of our real guaranteed issue program, a unique offer to our valued customers.

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