Air Conditioning System Maintenance for the Homeowner

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A home air conditioning system is significant in initial expense and in operating cost, but most of us would agree that the substantial investment in comfort is well worth it. I can remember when, as a kid around seven years old, we got our first air conditioner. It was an old evaporative cooler that worked very well in the dry southwest climate. Refrigerated air conditioners were fairly new at the time and only the very rich people had those. It was eleven years later before my family moved to a home with refrigerated air conditioning. As it happened I joined the Army the month before the move so didn’t get to enjoy the upgraded home or air conditioning system. Today most people use some kind of refrigerated air conditioning system. Air conditioning, heating and cooling, accounts for around 50 percent of a typical home energy bill. Newer systems are more efficient than older ones but regardless of what you have there are many things a homeowner can do to keep the home air conditioning system working as well as possible.

Clean and adjust registers

Cleanliness of registers indicates how well your filters work. If you have fuzz or lint buildup you should consider better filters or changing them more often.

Adjust registers so you don’t end up with rooms that are extra cold or warm. Ducts should be sized to help air distribution but the final adjustment is made by the home owner using registers. I like a cold bedroom for sleeping but must insure that the living room is cool as well.

It depends on the brand as to how easily the registers can be adjusted while the ducts too are of high quality with reputed brands like LG and Blaux as they are the primary choices when it comes to air conditioners and even today you can find people researching blaux portable ac reviews online for a better option.

Change or clean filters

Filters should normally be changed once a month. Depending on the type you use this might be more often. Many people think filters are to remove dust, pollen, and other impurities from the air for us to breathe. This is partly true, but the more important role is to keep the evaporator coil from getting dirty and clogged.

Clean the Evaporator (A-coil)

Turn electricity off to the unit and check that it is done–always.

Homeowners can open up the unit by removing a few panels (most of the time). This allows you to brush and vacuum dirt and residue from the A-coil. Do not bend the fins. There are specific A-coil cleaners you can spray on the coils to help clean. Basically, after the dry cleaning, spray on the cleaner, replace all panels and run the unit until it is completely dry.

Eventually the A-coil may need complete removal and cleaning. This is not a homeowner job. You can delay this by using good filters and regular cleaning.

Clean the condenser coil

Turn electricity off to the unit and check that it is done–always.

This is a great homeowner job. Remove the top fan guard and the coils are easy to reach. There are a lot of basic coil cleaners you can use–including plain water. Remove leaves, grass and bushes growing near the unit. Straighten any bent fins. Spray from both sides of the coil.

Simple and easy maintenance that really pays benefits in comfort and saving money.

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