Advanced Gaming Technology Allows Controlling Minecraft Gaming With Eyemine

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Games are for everybody. Everyone can play the games for their entrainment. But, unfortunately, a decade ago, the games were not that inclusive, as they were not built to include gamers who had any kind of disability. But, in the last decade, technical advancements have taken new leaps and bounds. As now new features, controllers, and software are launched so that even the disabled one can play games. Minecraft is now one such game that allows eye controlling software to be used alongside the eye-tracking device. One can use this with free minecraft account generator. Let’s learn more about eye controlling software for playing Minecraft. 

What is EyeMine?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there and is loved by adults and children alike. But, when a person has any kind of disability that does not allow them to use a mouse, it can become difficult for them to play Minecraft. This is where charity companies like special effects come into the scene. Special effects have launched an eye controlling gaming software called EyeMine V2 that allows the gamer to control various features using their eye. 

EyeMine allows the gamer to make the moves, control inventory, and even chat by simply suing their eye. All one needs to do is staring at the control for some time, which is called dwelling. Lately, the software has gone through various iterations and modifications which have improved the controlling factor better. 

Working of EyeMine

When it comes to any eye-tracking feature or software, it works with an eye-tracking device alongside a free minecraft account generator. EyeMine too works with eye-tracking devices which will help in following the gaze of the gamer. The device will identify dwelling, on a certain button on the screen. The person will have to dwell on the control button for it to work and control the same while playing the game. 

The screen will have controls displayed in groups which will range from basic or advanced. There are three levels of controls, basic, intermediate, and advanced, and the control sizes tend to decrease in size to fit in more buttons in the display. The basic controls are about running, walking, and flying. While the intermediate controls are about functionality movements in the game. And, the advanced controls are for inventory control, chatting, etc. the modifications have improved the way eyes can control the game, as now one can easily climb ladders, increase their speed of building structures, control the weapons, and attack monster perfectly. 

Availability of EyeMine

Currently, the game has limited availability as of now. As the feature is still getting tested over various devices and platforms, the designers are keeping their options open. As of now, the EyeMine is available on the PC java Minecraft version. PC games are currently meeting the requirements to run the feature. But, in recent future, the EyeMine will be available on all the platforms for playing Minecraft. Also, another great thing about EyeMine is that it can be downloaded free of cost. 

One of the things that are required in current times and space is inclusivity. Every game and every entertainment should be building for all types of people. This makes it easier for the users to use the game regardless of their usability. EyeMine is to be another such venture that allows disabled people to enjoy Minecraft game. 

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