A Trip to Northern Ireland

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Renting a car to Travel the Northern part is something that one must see. It may seem like a systematic work where you fix your itinerary for that day to be able to make use of you time wisely as you travel. It helps you get a whole you perspective in traveling and enjoying it all the more. Ireland is known for it’s rich culture and history so driving through the roads to get to the map of history was including it with major tourist sites and other place that were not usually crawling with tourist making the trip even all the more meaningful and special. There’s places like Ulster where you can go to Cos. Antrim, Derry, Donegal and Tyron. It is always worth seeing Giant’s Causeway: you could also see hexagonal basaltic columns of varying heights, near each other and extending out to the sea. On the road you can enjoy the local fauna and flora of scenic views on the way, and when you reach the hexagon basaltic, you can spend time there just unwinding all day while enjoying the view. Lammas fair in Ballycastle has a good giftshop/bookstore with numerous information on destinations of Northern Ireland.

This will get you the best tips ever. The visitor’s centre at this place is open from 10am to 7pm in July and August and shorter hours at the rest of the year. One of the natural high that you can experience is sitting at the edge of a sea cliff and this can be done in a place in Dun Castle found just a short distance west of Giant’s Causeway. The place had been abandoned since 1600s when part of the cliff fell into the sea, taking the kitchen part of the castle and some of it’s servants while they were making dinner for that night. You can also watch a brief history of that castle and Giant’s Causeway in months of April to September and opens at 10-7 Monday to Saturdays and 2-7 in Sundays. In Belfast at the Presbyterian History Society there’s a Presbyterian Church House, on the corner of Great Victoria Street/College Square East. It opens from 10 to 12:30 in most days. A place of great historic records when one wants to research on detailed Irish history. On the ground floor of Church House you can find an indoor shopping arcade called “Spires”. There’s also a small Café there and Family Books, the Presbyterian Church publishing arm in Ireland has a there and should not be mistaken with a store called Familia which is located near the church.

However “Familia” has its own good collection of books and published genealogies. Another place to go would be Inishowen Peninsula where you can spend most of the day exploring of Co Donegal which is just north of Derry. After visiting Fahan Church, you can drive to a 100 mile route on your way to the peninsula. Upon reaching the destination, you can walk around Buncrana, one of the town’s markets and there’s a beautiful place out if its flaw in the breath taking Gap of Mamore and walking along Tullagh and enjoy the sandy beach with blue clear waters, then drive on your way to Malin Head, a part which found at the northern most point of Ireland. There’s a place where lies an Ancient stone fort that stands on a hill 240 above sea level, with an over looking view of the country side surrounding it and this can be found in Grianan na Aileach. It’s view is amazing and it worth the long drive. I guidebook would be handy once you visit this place. 

Some tips regarding MONEY and SAFETY: 

It would be best to use cards like Cirrus or Plus in comparison to AMEX Express which is used and accepted more in Northern Ireland. About safety, when you see RUC soldiers and armored personnel carriers, it is quite unnerving but once you see the other locals not paying much attention to it, you know you can sit back and just keep on relaxing.

The last paragraph mentioned above is the one that needs to be adhered to the message as we have reached the conclusion of this article because Northern Ireland is arguably the most popular destination of the United Kingdom where you need to safeguard your personal belongings in a similar manner as you would during a Denver International Airport to Breckenridge trip because there have been some notorious incidents when travelers have been pick pocketed as there is a gang operating in certain places.

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