9 Signs That You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

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Some of the best romantic partnerships may turn sour over time and possibly lead to an unhealthy relationship. It is natural for people to desire a life filled with joy and contentment. However, many married couples lose the happiness in their relationship and wind up being bitter and resentful. Some couples try to solve their problems by communicating. However, unless they really have identified and understand the root of their problems, they might end up in a bad relationship that started out in a romantic way. Here are 9 signs that signal unhealthy relationship:

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1.Communication and understanding are lacking in the relationship. This may start as both partners’ opinions of themselves become at odds. If one of them will think the other person will make harsh judgments regarding his or her points of view. If there is no open communication, eventually their supposed healthy relationship will begin to deteriorate from within.

2.You know you are in an unhealthy relationship when you feel like you are being sucked out of energy and you are not happy when in the company of your partner. Actually, it is noticeable that you are feeling better when you are in the company of friends or with a person you are especially fond of and your partner is not around. You begin to think that you have more interesting topics to converse with other people than your partner.

3.When any of the two partners gradually become dishonest and secretive, it is a telltale sign your relationship may experience problems. You may be developing inappropriate feelings for someone else and you are not opening up to your spouse. You are spending even more time talking and seeing other people instead of looking forward to be with your partner. In this way you are not only being dishonest to yourself but also to your partner.

4.Extramarital affairs can be emotional, sexual, or both. The huge concern about this is the way it impacts the relationship with a person you are committed to. As you devote some affection to an individual aside from your partner, evidently your partner will feel uncared for and wounded. This can result to the partners being driven away from each other even if you believe there is no extramarital relationship going on.

5.If you have disclosed expectations or aspirations that you may want your partner to help you out with, these better be achievable things and must be communicated openly. If you keep these things to yourself you will just end up frustrated. On the other hand, when these aspirations are impossible to obtain, both you and your partner will be disappointed.

6.You are in a healthy relationship when there is lack of respect for one another. Lack of respect may be shown through speaking negatively about or towards your partner and making promises but not keeping them.

7.It is not healthy for the relationship if a partner becomes too jealous of the other person’s success and friends. Jealous partners may even plan to separate the partner from peers or ask him or her to get engage in another career.

8.Extreme insecurity towards your partner’s close rapport with an attractive friend may end up negatively. This kind of issue may emerge when the partnership is unhealthy even when the relationship has been long past the infatuation phase.

9.Competition to a certain degree may be acceptable but when one feel belittled in a partnership, it could end up badly. The one feeling incapable may need to prove self to show who should be on top. In a relationship that is not healthy, the partner may desire for the other to fail. He or she feels this is the only way to show who has more dominance in the relationship.

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