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As an experienced runner, I wholeheartedly support enjoying the natural world while exercising as much as possible. However, as a trainer I also understand personal preference, the weather, and wanting to get the most out of a gym membership or purchased home equipment. In order to maximize the results of treadmill workouts, diversity is essential. Walking, jogging, or running at the same pace day after day gets monotonous and inevitably takes the joy out of exercise. Spicing up your workouts with the following five treadmill exercises will undoubtedly lead to aerobic fitness gains, increase motivation and enjoyment, and burn more calories (especially in the optimal fat burning zone).

The Playlist Partner Workout:

Build a unique playlist to fit mood, a specific theme, desired time and intensity, and overall goals for the workout. While exercising, match the walking or running pace with the pace of the song. Be creative! Examples would be to design a playlist that continuously builds with each song until a climax, then, descends in intensity pattern afterwards. Other suggestions are to alternate songs of higher tempo with lower tempo as an interval training tool or include similar paced songs throughout the playlist and increase paces only with the choruses for shorter, higher intensity interval training. Take ownership, enjoy designing playlists, and vary it up! Also, works while watching TV, just go faster during commercial breaks.

The Cardio/Strength Training Combo Workout:

Interval training (alternating periods of increased pace with slower periods) is highly advantageous to greater aerobic gains, increased metabolism, and the after-burn effect (more calories burned post-workout). With this workout, choose the desired amount of time on the treadmill and divide it into equal or unequal segments, at an even pace or varying paces (Diversity is the key!). Between each segment on the treadmill, step off and perform one set of 2 to 4 muscle group specific exercises before moving onto the next treadmill period. Easy equipment-free suggestions are squats, squats jumps, lunges, pushups, ab exercises such as planks, sit-ups, or leg throws, standing hip abduction, and calf raises or grab a resistance band or light dumbbells for various shoulder raises and presses, curls, tricep extensions, rows, or add resistance to one of the aforementioned equipment-free exercises. Along with the exercises a visit can be made at https://theprincela.com/best-incline-treadmills/ site. The information about the treadmills should be accurate for meeting with the requirements. Some free exercises are provided to the person to reduce in the fat and weight. The calories are burnt to get a healthy and fit body to get effective results. 

The Teeter-Totter, Tag-Team Treadmill Workout:

The support and accountability of a friend is a powerful motivating tool. Treadmill running does not have to be a depressing, isolated experience. Grab a friend and identify the desired total for time on the treadmill. Break it up into segments and take turns running at the faster pace. An example for a 30 minute workout would be: 1 minute (Partner A faster), 1 minute (Partner B Faster), 2 minute (A), 2 minute (B), 3 (A), 3 (B), 5(A), 5(B), 3(A), 3(B), 1(A), and 1(B). The same thing can be done by incorporating strength training and one treadmill. While one person walks, jogs, or runs, the other is strength training exercises, then switch after a set period of time.

The Pace Pyramid Workout:

The most common workout I personally do on a treadmill is the Pace Pyramid Workout. For example, say I am comfortable running for 30 minutes at 7 mph. I will run the first and last 10 minutes at 7 mph, but I will change the middle 10 minutes greatly to burn more calories, burn more fat, increase aerobic fitness, and make time fly. My middle 10 minutes might look like this: 2 min at 7.5 mph, 1 min at 8 mph, 2 min at 7.5 mph, 1 min at 8.5 mph, 2 min at 7.5 mph, 1 min at 9 mph (or back down to 8 mph), and 1 final minute at 7.5 mph. You can manipulate the numbers to fit your experience, goals, and conditioning, or simply adjust the speeds to how you “feel,” just spice up the middle of the run with a more challenging infusion of variety.

The Cardio Carousel Workout:

Probably the most basic workout to achieve variety is to spend a set amount of time on a serious of cardio stations (stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, stair machine, rowing machine, and body-weight exercises). Use equal or varied segments of time and standardize or vary the pace (one day emphasize the elliptical, one day make the treadmill portion more difficult). The design is up to the individual. Diversity is the key!

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Most of the social networking sites are meant for the people belonging to the certain community to meet online, exchange the ideas and make friends. Everybody has the right to enjoy the liberty of expressing himself. However, this freedom is more or less abused by following vulgarity and pornography, which is rearing up on most of the social networking sites on internet. Many religious minded people are searching for the social working sites, which are free from vulgarity and rampant pornography and like to maintain some minimum level of social decency in the content displayed on their sites. Before using any social networking sites, it is important to know the site first and read review about it. This will give you the pros and cons of the platform so you will be aware of the things that you need to expect.

Here is the list of top four ranking Christian social networking sites, which adhere to particular level of standards expected by the religious minded and socially behaved people:

  1. Tangle.com

This Christian social networking site has the aim to provide the people with a chance to express themselves and convey what they are made of. This website permits the members to share their content with others. The content is first reviewed and screened by a team of customer care representatives. The content may include pictures, videos, music or any other material. The website has a video section, which was earlier known as GodTube and is valued about $30 million and is a religious cult favorite. If you compare it with YouTube, which has been worth around $1.6 billion, Tangle.com has no match with it.

  1. Xians.com

If you compare this Christian social networking site with Myspace, it is equivalent to Myspace in size, but is basically based on the faith in Christianity. It will permit you to make friends, exclaim out yourself and make your position. You can post on the blogs and also chat with other members on the forum and get listed in different groups. There are a lot of music, videos and games based on Christianity and God. You can get a free registration for membership on this site. You can get free mp3 for some artists.

  1. Mychurch.org

If you are really looking for the Christian social Networking sites, you cannot afford to miss this site. The site is totally cantered on church. You can do free networking on the Christian churches with this site. If you belong to a specific church, you can make a website for that church, display and share pictures and even invite members to your site. It also allows to post the preaching for the Sunday service. This can be very helpful to linking this with web 2.0 collectively.

  1. FaithLight.com

On Faithlight.Com you can find very beautiful designs and easily sail through to connect with people and also share the photos, videos and audio collections. The site principally focuses on Christianity and Bible and requests made regarding the prayers. This website has well trained and devoted Christian staff to enroll the new members who can be friends safely after proper scrutiny.

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Renee Wyatt of American Guns is like every other mom in America who’s trying to feed her busy family the best meals possible. With such a busy lifestyle, I wondered how she handles cooking. Recently, I had a chance to ask her a few questions about cooking for her family, while handling the hectic lifestyle of a reality TV star.

Having a family that likes to hunt, what are some of your favorite dishes to prepare with game meat?

Uh oh. I am going to have to plead the 5th on this question. I am sorry!!! I just don’t care for game meat. Rich and Kurt do…I think you should ask them before I get myself in trouble! How about I tell you a secret in exchange for this non-answer? I pretty much never eat fast food, but the Wyatt family favorites that we NEVER pass up when traveling (including me) no matter what, are: White Castle, Friendly’s, In n’ Out Burger and Dunkin’ Doughnuts. None of those in Colorado – crazy, right?

What’s your family’s favorite meal?

Big ‘ol turkey dinner (think: Thanksgiving). That’s the one favorite for everybody. We made it a tradition when Kurt got his own home to have a huge family dinner once a week. I’d cook all day, the rest of the family would all leave work early and gather at our house for a full-out Thanksgiving with the works (or something the equivalent) every Thursday night. but, unfortunately, now with our American Guns schedule we can’t do it regularly any more. That’s one thing we all really miss, and something we look forward to doing again.

Any recipes you’d like to share?

Ok, this is great, quick and so yummy! Sautee chopped onions, add ground beef and brown in a large skillet. Add a packet of taco seasoning and a large can of stewed tomatoes. Add black beans and garbanzo beans (or whatever beans you like), and some water to a “chowder” consistency. Sprinkle in a packet or two of powdered ranch dressing mix and simmer for a couple of hours. Serve with sour cream, some shredded cheese and tortilla chips on the side. This is the BEST to keep a big batch in the fridge, but it doesn’t last very long!

With such a busy family, are there any tricks you use in the kitchen so that your family can eat more homemade meals, rather than fast food?

I do what a a lot of busy moms do. I make 3 or 4 lasagnes, a couple of homemade smothered burrito trays and, say, a dish or two of stuffed shells and freeze them. That way when our week gets crazy I can always pull out a healthy home cooked meal that I had ready to go, and nobody is the wiser.

What cooking advice would you offer busy moms?

Make pasta sauce from scratch and freeze in muffin pans or ice cube trays over night. Then transfer to zip lock bags for storage. That way when you are ready to make some quick italian food you can grab just whatever amount you need. You can also check more tips here.

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Offering to bring a friend or family member’s dog into your home to care for it while the owners are on vacation or away for business is a very thoughtful and kind gesture. While many dogs do just fine in a boarding facility or having someone come into their home to walk and feed them, staying in a home with a company instead of spending many hours alone or in a pen is often the best solution. While granting this favor, you may be concerned about your own dog’s comfort and peace in this time of upheaval. This article will offer ways you can maintain your own dog’s happiness and reduce their stress while dog sitting.


beautiful woman hugging her adorable golden retriever dog at home. love for animals concept. lifestyle indoors

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Keep A Close Watch. Dogs are very territorial and feel the need to establish dominance over each other. Though your dog and the dog you are pet sitting may have always gotten along in a neutral location, taking that dog into your home and showing affection for it may cause your dog to become anxious and react accordingly. Likewise, the dog you are caring for may be confused and think this is their new home. This may cause the visiting dog to feel the need to establish it’s placed in the hierarchy. This can lead to aggression between the dogs and possibly result in injury. By being vigilant and not leaving the dogs alone together until they become comfortable, you can reduce the chances that the dogs will have an altercation.

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Stick To Your Dog’s Regular Schedule. By keeping your dog’s feeding and walking schedule in place, you will go a long way towards keeping your dog comfortable and secure during this time. Your dog needs the security of their regular schedule as well as the assurance that they are your top priority even while another dog is visiting. The last thing you want your dog to feel is that they are being replaced and shunted to the side.

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Maintain Your Dog’s Normal Privileges. Although you may feel that you should give the visiting dog all the perks of the home to make them feel most comfortable, it is far more important to ensure your own dog’s happiness and security by allowing them the privileges they normally enjoy. You don’t need to allow the dog you are a pet sitting to snooze on the couch if you provide a cozy and comfortable bed for them on the floor. If your own dog normally enjoys this privilege, do not take it away in favor of the other dog. This will be confusing and hurtful to your dog and likely lead to aggression between your dog and the one you are pet sitting. Here, Bark Collar for Small Dogs can help you as you try to move around with them. 

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Give Extra Attention. Some extra cuddles and petting to remind your dog that they are still number one in your heart will make the pet sitting experience go much smoother and keep your dog happy and secure for the duration.

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Most of us wouldn’t give a child $100.00 in cash and then turn them loose in a candy store. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to take a hyper dog out in public when he’s got a back account full of pent-up energy.

Expending that energy prior to going to new and exciting places with your dog is the best method for ensuring your four legged companion is more docile and easier to control when other animals or people come into close proximity. The key is for you to be fully charged and your dog to be about 75 per cent depleted of energy. Of course, that begs the question, how do we exercise our dogs while retaining our own energy at maximum prior to a public outing? If we walk them or play with them, we expend our own energy as well. That’s where the treadmill or spring pole come in very handy. If you don’t have such equipment, don’t despair. There are plenty of other creative ways to drain Rover’s energy while retaining your own. Here are a few suggestions:

Have a family member play or walk him first, then you take over for the public experience.

If he loves to play fetch and is good at retrieving, do that. Throwing a toy will be minimally draining to you, and your dog will expend lots of energy.

Buy a cheap laser pointer and let him chase the dot around the floor as you relax in a chair. I’ve found that nearly all dogs will go nuts over that magical red dot.

If you like to skate or roller blade, teach your dog to pull you along on them. This is something you should only do if you’re an expert at maneuvering with wheels strapped to your feet. If you’re an amateur, you’ll end up burning as much of your own energy as your dog as you try to remain upright and avoid running over him, which, of course, defeats the purpose.

Once your dog has got a heavy pant going and has tired of the activity, it’s time to hook up and head out to the dog-friendly coffee shop, obedience class, or park. Don’t let him rest in between play time and public outing time, that will defeat the purpose. Dogs are marvelously resilient creatures and they recharge quickly. The new experience of the public adventure will be enough to perk him up. However, with little reserve energy to draw on he will be much easier to control when that crazy cat runs across the street in front of you or some playful stray comes bounding happily up to have a sniff.

Although I’ve been known to rant against prong collars, they do have their place, and as one expert I have a great deal of respect for recently pointed out to me, if it weren’t for the quick control afforded by a prong collar, many dog owners would give up on ever controlling their hyper animals and we’d have a lot more in shelters headed for euthanasia. If you happen to be one of those owners, try this energy draining method along with the prong/pinch collar and see if things get easier for you. The pinch collar will be there for insurance and confidence, but you’ll end up having to rely on it less.

It all depends on how you have brought up your dog just like your own child but if you still have problems in managing them despite the above points, you can read more here on the site Pup life for detailed info on how to do so.

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This is going to be an interesting read as there are many things that need to be clarified and what better way than during the age of a pandemic to do so because it has already taken the entire world in its grasp.

However, this article is not going to be about the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow to keep the corona virus at bay as the nationwide lockdown period has instilled some sense in the citizens to practice social distancing.

What we are going to discuss today is about some normal ailments that are seemingly harmless at first glance but in fact are no less than slow poison as they kill you not only physically but mentally as well and that include not just humans but animals as well.

CBD- The New Remedy

Mankind has been dealing with hardships since time immemorial but this one is pertaining towards fighting regular ailments that people of all age groups encounter and endure both physical and mental agony.

CBD oil has changed the thought process of the medical and pharmacy field that certain problems have no cure but to give a brief history, it is taken from extracts of cannabis and hemp plants from hilly regions with a cool climate.

CBD is the acronym of cannabinoid that has given many things for living beings to cheer about but while it has proven to provide relief for humans, does it do the same for animals as well?

Everyone knows that animals, especially dogs, are more prone to ailments and have the disadvantage of being unable to convey their thoughts to speech to their human counterparts which is why they have to be given special attention as they are pets as well.

People are doubtful of using CBD oil as a remedy for their dogs as they feel that it would have the same positive results on animals as they do for humans but rest assured that they are the best alternative you can find.

It is simply because they come from original sources that are taken from places with excellent climatic conditions which are why they guarantee 100% results without any side effects whatsoever.

Kidney Cure

Dogs too are grappling with issues like joint pain, inflammation, swelling, anxiety, depression, etc. but are also prone to kidney diseases. So it needs to be confirmed that CBD oil would considerably reduce the pain that the poor dogs are going through due to kidney ailment.

So you can try this out for physical and mental issues but kidney diseases don’t fall into the normal ailment category but that of life threatening ones and they have only one cure that is kidney transplant while dialysis would keep your urinary system clean.

The dialysis procedure is arduous and painful as it needs to be taken three or four times a week depending on the condition so the CBD oil would help in numbing the pain of the procedure but cannot be classified as a cure for kidney disease as that is not possible although doctors and scientists are still trying to work out a cure for it and cancer as well.


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While you have probably seen many ads promoting neutering your dog you might not know some of the benefits that I have found after getting my dog neutered. I know that before neutering my dog he would always go running, wouldn’t listen as well, and was very hyper and active. However, I know that neutering him would help take care of some of his behavior issues.

The first benefit that I found after neutering my dog was that he stopped running out of the yard as often. I know that before he would smell a female in heat and since he wasn’t neutered he would try to run out of the yard all the time to get towards the female. However, since he got neutered he no longer has the urge to run out of the yard after the female in heat which saves me from having to chase after him.

The second benefit that I found with my own dog is that before he got neutered he wouldn’t really listen all that well. For instance you would tell him one thing and he would do the total opposite because he still considered himself the pack leader because he was the male. However, after he got neutered he started listening better than what he was before he got neutered. I know that now if I tell him to sit he will sit down. Same with if he goes into a room that he isn’t supposed to be in and I tell him to get out of it instead of running into the room anyways he will just turn around and walk back to the room he is allowed in.

The third benefit of getting your dog neutered that I know of is that before he got neutered my dog was so hyperactive that he never slept or so it seemed. I know that I really had a hard time keeping up with him and dealing with his hyperactive behavior. It seemed like no matter how much I exercised him outside he would still be full of energy when he came back in. However, after he got neutered his energy level did seem to decrease a little bit more than what he had before, but he still played quite a bit just I finally got his energy level down to where he wouldn’t run amok in my house.

Getting your dog neutered has many benefits. These are just some of the benefits that I noticed with my own dog after I got him neutered. I know that your dog could have a variety of results compared to mine. Each dog will have different benefits, but if you talk to your veterinarian they should be able to help you with what you could expect from your dog. You can also go to my site for more helpful information about neutering your dog, its benefits and other ways on how to properly take care of your adorable pet.

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Just like humans, some dogs have fears and are traumatized from events that occurred in their past. Whether the level of fear is minimal or to the point where they are deeply traumatized, how you react to your pet can make all the difference. It can help your pet transform from a scared and confused dog to one that is lively and happy.

Pay Attention

Your dog will give you signs when he is scared or petrified of an object or action. He will cower, the ears will go back and the tail will go in between the legs. Another sign is that he will run or back away from an object that is near him. He may also be frightened by people, tremble, cower in the corner, avoid any interaction with humans or be mostly inactive. When you pay attention to when he exhibits these behaviors, you can pinpoint what the source of his fear is.

Avoid Loud Noises or Fast Movements

When a dog is scared of a specific item, moving it quickly can make his fear worse. When a dog is traumatized in general, any fast movements or loud noises could deepen his fear. Keep the noise level to a minimum, move slowly around him and whatever item he is scared of, make sure to keep it away from him.

Sit on the Floor

When you want to be in the presence of a skittish dog, one of the worst things you can do is to tower over him. He may feel intimidated, scared and it could affect how he feels and reacts toward you. Sitting on the floor gets you down to your dog’s level or below it so he can feel more at ease. It also gives him an opportunity to get used to you and approach you when he is ready and does not consider you a threat.

Move Slowly

When you go toward a dog, especially one that is scared or traumatized, the worst thing you can do is move toward him as though he is an inanimate object. Never go at a dog with your hand out and over him. Hold your hand low, palm up, and even with his nose. Move slowly and carefully. Hold your hand about two feet from the dog and let him come to you. If he wants to approach you, he will sniff your hand and move toward you. Let him take the lead on the situation.

Love Not Punishment

Screaming at or punishing a dog that reacts out of fear can traumatize him further. Instead, speak in a calm voice and give plenty of reassurance. Providing treats when he reacts to a situation properly, such as when he reacts calmly to new people or an object that usually scares him, is a good way to give positive reinforcement and let him know it is okay.

Be patient

A dog’s behavior is not going to change overnight. It takes time, understanding and consideration of the dog’s feelings. The more calm and patient you are, the better results you may have.

For more helpful and effective tips on how to calm your dog and how to treat your pet properly, you can check this site out. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to know what’s best for your dog. You should keep their health and safety a top priority.

If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior when he is afraid, it is vital that you get help from an animal behaviorist and not go it alone. It can be a dangerous situation when a dog becomes aggressive as he could hurt himself or others. The sooner you get him help, the better. In addition, if you do everything in your power to help your dog and he does not respond and is still traumatized or scared, consult with the behaviorist as soon as possible.

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When we decided to transition our dog to a raw diet, we did a ton of research about the different meat sources we could potentially use. While our dog does get a variety, we decided to feed a diet based on chicken. Not only is it cheap and easy to procure, it is also one of the best protein sources for a raw diet.

Chicken Safety

There were a few safety questions we had to address when deciding to feed raw meat to our dog, especially chicken. First, would the dog get sick? Chicken is notorious for harboring bacteria when uncooked. The website Myths About Raw addresses this concern. Dogs’ digestive systems are much better equipped than ours for handling bacteria without getting sick. Salmonella infections are extremely rare in healthy adult dogs. Puppies, elderly dogs and those with immune system issues are more susceptible to salmonella, but if your adult dog is healthy, you probably don’t need to worry.

The second question we had was about chicken bones. You hear horrible stories about chicken bones piercing through a dog’s stomach or getting caught in their throat. That is a real threat with cooked chicken. According to ThreeDogBlog.com , cooking chicken turns the bones brittle and they can easily splinter. Raw chicken bones are much softer, and so most dogs can eat chicken wings, necks and carcasses with no harm. If you’re still uneasy with feeding your dog chicken bones (as we are!), you can still get all the nutritional components by grinding them up. The bones offer important nutritional value, so don’t leave them out entirely! Chicken is actually ideal: wings have a good flesh to bone ratio, and are small and easy to handle for most dogs.

Easily Digestible

My friend has a pit bull that is prone to digestive upset. She swears by boiled chicken meat and rice whenever her dog has a flare-up, since these two bland foods are easy to digest. Chicken is some of the most digestible protein you can feed to your dogs. Some dogs have been known to develop allergies to beef products, but they are fine on a chicken diet.

Proteins and Amino Acids

Studies done decades ago cite diets high in protein as the cause of kidney failure in dogs. It is true the low quality protein can cause kidney damage. Low quality protein generates large amounts of waste when it is processed by the liver. This leaves the kidneys to clean up, leading to severe kidney problems. High quality protein, such as real, raw chicken, does not generate high amounts of waste, putting much less stress on the kidneys. According to About.com, six chicken wings have up to 34 grams of protein; a 6oz piece of breast meat can have almost 40. Amino acids, which make up proteins, are important building blocks for your dog’s body. So a diet high in good quality protein helps your dog lead a healthier life.

“Good” Fats

Chicken is low in overall fat, and higher in unsaturated fat. It also has some of the best fatty acids of all these other protein sources This is comparable to other meats such as beef, lamb, and turkey. However, most of these meats also carry a higher percentage of saturated fats.

Important Minerals

For our domestic pets, one of the most important mineral considerations should be the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of your dog food. These two minerals work together to grow and maintain healthy teeth and bones, among other things. Too much or two little of either can cause a host of skeletal issues. The great thing about feeding chicken necks and wings is that the bones are small and easily consumed by most dogs, and also happen to be a great source of the proper amounts of both calcium and phosphorus. The marrow in bones also includes copper and iron, both important for combating fatigue. Including chicken bones in your dog’s meal, either whole or ground, makes it easier to feed your dog the proper amounts of both.


Chicken fat contains vitamins A, D, and E. Vitamin A helps with vision and coat health, vitamin D works with calcium and phosphorus to promote strong bones and teeth, and vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, which is essential for proper reproduction and is one factor in preventing cancer. For more information on vitamins and minerals, visit www.dogfoodproject.com.

Teeth Health

Not only does chicken contain good protein and many essential vitamins and minerals, the act of eating chicken helps keep teeth clean. The chewing of chicken bones will also develop the muscles in the face, jaw, and neck.

Aside from raw chicken, there are other food that you may consider making your dog healthy and strong. You can have a peek here for more information. This site will give you additional tips and knowledge on how to uphold the health of your beloved pet.

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Weight Loss Resolutions and 5 Ways to Keep Them – Everyone knows the joke about New Year’s resolutions: we always vow to eat better, exercise, be nicer to people, spend less money, etc etc etc. But, as soon as February 1 roles around we have either forgotten our goals or we hide from them because we have failed so miserably. Well this year, no more! This year we are going to resolve to loose weight and we are going to stick with it! But….how? That’s what I’m here for; to give you a few tips to stay motivated and committed to loosing weight.

Tip 1: Write your weight loss goal down and put it in a prominent spot

Having your goal in writing makes you hold yourself more accountable to it. It eliminates the bargaining you do with yourself when trying to weasel out of your expectations. If you sit down and really figure out a realistic goal and then write it down, you then have a binding contract with yourself.

Tip 2: Dissect how to arrive at your desired weight.

Expecting yourself to magically loose 20 pounds by April 1st isn’t logical. You need to brainstorm ideas on things that can work for you individually. Is exercising each day too time consuming? Then decide on 3 times a week for a little longer. Do you have that one favorite dessert you’d have a hard time giving up? Limit yourself to a small portion once a week. This way it will not only make the burden less heavy but these are more doable changes that you can incorporate into your life even after the weight is gone.

Tip 3: Ask for help

I’m a pretty independent person, but when it comes to sticking to my weight loss goals I need all the help I can get! If I am holding myself accountable to someone else it is easier to do the things I need to do. This can be anyone, a family member, a friend, or even a professional. Anyone who you can update your progress to and who can offer a little shove when you’d rather sit and watch TV. If you want to spend the money you can hire a dietitian to help you really hash out your diet or even participate in Weight Watchers where they offer meetings to keep you focused on loosing the weight.

Tip 4: Be forgiving of yourself.

We all slip up it is normal! Maybe it was too rainy to go walking or you just had to have that cookie at lunch, it is ok! Just realize the mistake and figure out a way to prevent it in the future. If you berate yourself, you’ll only feel like a failure and be more likely to give into temptation more often. But if you forgive yourself and move on you will stay confident and therefore more committed to loosing this weight because you know you can do it and I know you can do it!

Tip 5: Offer yourself a reward

Sometimes imagining yourself 20 pounds skinnier isn’t enough of a rewarded when tempted with a chocolate chip cookie, so offer yourself something else. Maybe you need to let yourself have a small candy bar every Sunday for a job well done during the week, or maybe a new bathing suite or new clothes after the final goal is completed. Give yourself something else to work for and that will not only give you motivation to stick with your resolution but also make it more likely you’ll make and keep next year’s resolutions as well.

With these 5 tips I know that both you and I can make our weight loss goal for 2009. Then we’ll tackle that pesky budget spending problem in 2010 shall we? Look after the resurge reviews, the results and advantages of products will be enormous. The goals of the person should be accomplished through the person to get the desired results. The problems should be less to satisfy the requirements of the person. A survey can be taken at online site to know about the products.

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Looking to lose weight? Well, if you have tried fad diets or calorie restrictive diets, then chances are you have seen a mixed bag of results. Some have worked well. Others not so well. Some have worked until you stopped. But before you run off and start to chase the fad diet, did you know that simply by making a few easy changes to your diet that you could easily lose weight?

In this article, I plan on discussing how suttle changes in your diet could result in huge differences, calorically speaking.

Remove Sugar from your diet and I can guarantee you will lose weight….

Okay, so this is not so easy. So, instead of removing all sugar from your diet, you could opt to remove some of the sugar from your diet. But before you go and swear off king dongs and cupcakes, the better way to go would be to eliminate sodas. If you are a soda drinker and you swear off soda, you will drop weight. According to statistics, we get approximately 1/3 of our sugar intake from sodas.

In fact, one 12 ounce can of coke accounts for 45 grams of sugar….to give you a visual, imagine taking a bottle of water and then dumping in 8 teaspoons of sugar.

If you drink on average one coke a day, then you are basically consuming 1,400 calories a week, 5,600 calories a month OR 72,800 calories a year….in layman’s terms, that is 20.8 pounds a year just by drinking one coke a day.

Now, I bet you are wondering where the other 2/3rd’s of sugar is in your diet. Well, it isn’t where you would expect. It isn’t the visible places but the invisible places that screw up a perfectly good diet….

Condiments such as mayo and ketchup.

Marinara sauces and pasta….


And the problem is that sugar is pervasive in our society and marketers have made so many names to hide the fact that we are ingesting sugar, that it is no wonder that we are a fat society.

If you can eliminate sugar from your diet, as hard as that may sound, you will see the weight literally fall off your body. You will also see your body chemistry start to change (sugar is known as the anti-nutrient because there is literally nothing good about it…it actually suppresses the immune system while it makes us fatter.) This is why some dieticians suggest or recommend effective lose weight supplements. These products will help you get your desired weight. But it is very crucial to consult first with your doctor before taking any products to ensure that your health conditions are well enough for such products. For more information, you can check leptoconnect reviews.

Now that you see the significance of cutting out sodas, what would happen if you were to increase your intake of water? Professional body builders will drink a gallon of water and sometimes more a day right before a competition. Ever wonder why they do that?

When you drink water, you are purging toxins from your body that is literally “dead weight” on your body.

Plus, drinking plenty of water will actually fill you up and make you eat less…..

Just by making this one simple dietary change, you will be not only feel like a million bucks but you will also be working the weight off quicker.

Most of us snack on the most unhealthy things we can think of….whether it is potato chips, cookies, things to dip ranch dressing in or ice cream, all of these things are loaded with gut-busting calories.

And to make matters worse, marketers have gotten really smart and convinced us to believe that things that are just as unhealthy are healthy. Things like snack bars, fruit bars, energy drinks, yogurt…these are all loaded with calories and though we think that we are doing ourself a favor, in reality, we are just adding to our weight woes.

The better solution of course, is to replace the unhealthy snacks with fortified health foods. A yoplait yogurt gets replaced by organic plain unsweetened yogurt topped with blueberries. A handful of almonds and an apple is a great pick me up in the middle of the day. Cottage Cheese with peaches (not the canned kind) is absolutely awesome and good for the body….if you are looking for something to munch on, carrots or raw brocolli with some herb infused oil and vinegar should satiate the munchies.

These are just a few of the choices you could choose.

These are all simple changes you can make to your diet that will yield far better results than what most “fad” diets claim. A diet is a lifestyle and the best thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself in the habit of eating right

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Sooner or later, most of us will experience a serious or chronic illness. In many situations there is a typical or common treatment that is used. It is easy to accept that treatment as sure-fire. It isn’t always the smartest thing to do.

What do I mean? We, as patients have to take part in our own treatment. Doctors follow “protocol”; “the plan for carrying out a scientific study or a patient’s treatment regimen.”(Dictionary.com), however, they cannot get inside our bodies and see how we’re responding; that is up to us.

I would like to give you two examples. Many, many years ago I was diagnosed with manic depression. This illness is serious to be sure, but, it is highly misunderstood. It consists of a person having a cycle of extreme happiness followed by depression. You see every reason to buy the Brooklyn Bridge one day, and, the next day you don’t know what you’re going to do with it. The standard treatment is lithium. Lithium is a salt and is designed to replace salts that are apparently lacking in a person’s body; this is often accompanied with an anti-depressant to keep the patient from falling into depression from the lithium while it keeps the mania at bay. I was placed on this medicine. Time went buy and I continued to “cycle”. I was sure that it would work sooner or later because it was the accepted regimen; it didn’t.

Finally I went to the internet. To my surprise I found that an anti-convulsive medication used in epilepsy, depakote, was necessary as treatment for a very small percentage of patients; lithium wasn’t always effective. I was switched, and, I got better. However, had I relied on my doctor, it would have taken a lot longer, or, perhaps would never have been found.

The results of this kind of situation can be more solemn.

My wife was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The initial treatment for RA is prednisone followed by the standard “weaning medication” of methotrexate; actually a cancer drug. Over time my wife lost her energy. The doctors assure us that it was the prednisone. It turned out it was the methotrxate. By the time we got her to the hospital, her oxygen level was 65 percent; she could have died.Doctors are human. They follow a protocol. Just as with any profession, some had to finish in the bottom of their class. Some will do better at adjusting treatment and identifying glitches than others. Ultimately, though, it is up to you to be vigilant about your health. It may not be “Physician heal thyself” but, it is “Be aware!” There are some factors that you need to consider when finding the right doctor to attend your needs when it comes to your health. Make sure that your doctor has years of experience already, had trainings and certifications like o1 visa doctor.

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Many Americans struggle with weight loss. In fact, obesity has risen to be one of the world’s greatest factors of premature death and the cause of many secondary diseases – arthritis, cancer, breathing problems, heart disease, diabetes and premature death. Even obesity tops the list for health concerns for children!1

Obesity is a rising pandemic –

a pandemic that can be controlled through proper food intake, consumption of healthy foods, and proper physical activity. Fighting the obesity crisis will occur one person at a time – one success at a time.

The following are some excellent tips to help achieve success in losing weight and fighting the obesity crisis:

Drink abundant “good” water –

Water provides the necessary environment for metabolism, flushes the body of toxins, lubricates the cells, and provides a full feeling. Sadly, thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger; when one should be drinking water, they turn to eating and continue to eat when eating was not even necessary.

Avoid excessive salt –

In high quantities, salt throws off the osmotic balance of the body and can cause leaching of calcium from the body. Moreover, a mineral imbalance can slow or halt biochemical reactions.

Avoid processed and modified foods –

Processed and modified foods are prevalent in today’s society. Processed foods are laced with unneeded chemicals that serve as artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavor enhancers. Remember that modified and processed foods are designed with the food manufacturer in mind – increased shelf-life, enhanced flavor for more sales, and enhanced colors for more sales. The best foods for the body grew right out of the ground.2 In addition, when food labels state that they are “fortified” or “enriched”, it means that the wholesome food-based nutrients were extracted during the processing of the food and were later added back in to attempt to restore nutritional value; “fortified” and “enriched” nutrients are not as easily absorbed and may be petroleum based.

Avoid sodas / soft drinks –

Soft drinks are terrible for the body and for overall health. One 12 oz. can of soda supplies 7 teaspoons of sugar – a diet soda supplies excessive amounts of toxins from the artificial sweeteners. In addition to the toxic load of aspartame, splenda, or high doses of sugar, soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and carbonic acid which leach the body of calcium. Calcium is needed in the bones for hardness, in cells as a co-factor in biochemical reactions, and for activation of immunity. According to the Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes 424 pounds of carbonated beverages each year! Ridding the body from the consumption of soft drinks is almost just as beneficial as taking out a new health insurance policy.3

Spread caloric intake throughout the day –

The body burns calories at a rather constant rate, unless activity levels are dramatically increased or decreased. When excessive calories are consumed in one setting, the unneeded energy sources are converted into fat and stored for later use. It is best to eat smaller meals throughout the day than to eat two or three large meals. Also, it is best to have the largest meal at lunch when metabolism is at its peak; having the largest meal for dinner at the end of the day is not beneficial as metabolism will be dropping off by bedtime.

Eat moderate portions –

Most Americans consume 2-3 times what is necessary. The main reason for this phenomenon is how quickly we eat. Eating is usually done on the run or in front of the television. The body requires about 15 minutes for a feeling of satiety to reach the brain. Eating small portions slowly is an excellent tip for consuming less – plus, the flavors can be enjoyed much longer!

Count nutrition, not calories –

A calorie is a measure of heat. Anything that burns contains calories. Apples have calories; asphalt has calories. Modern propaganda always touts the importance of counting calories, but calories are only part of the story. Excessive calories will cause weight gain, but the more important factor to consider about food consumption is nutrition value! One could eat a whole truck load of donuts and still feel hungry; the truck load of donuts do not supply the body with sufficient nutrients. On the other hand, one can eat an apple and a carrot, be supplied with thousands of nutrients, and no longer feel hungry as the body has acquired all necessary life-sustaining nutrients. Count nutrients, not calories.

Another tip would be to take weight loss supplements. Ideally, this will help you to have a support for your overall diet. One of the best products that you can avail in the market is leptoconnect. It is made from all natural ingredients so it is safe and healthy to consume.


It is sometimes easy to put off the exercise for later when more time is available. Yet, exercise is excellent at decreasing stress; the physical outlet allows the body to not only utilize excess calories, burn fat, and build muscle, but it actually soothes the mind and allows for improved focus. Be sure to not make exercise a chore – make it a fun lifestyle habit.4

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Appliances that are helpful in keeping the home warm and water warm have become the basic necessity in today’s time, especially in a cool climate. Home boilers have gained so much popularity in recent years as they make your work easier, and you don’t need to worry about heating up water or your surroundings. Deciding which boiler will be suitable and practically fit for your home can be quite confusing. If you want to reduce the carbon emission and save energy, a boiler will be best for you. You can know the boiler installation and replacement charges online and then take the step of buying it.

In low temperatures, the gas heating boiler tends to use flue gas to preheat the cold water; in this way, the boiler uses heat from outside than inside heat. The boilers are expensive, but using heat from outside makes it achieve more efficiency and make it a pocket-friendly deal when compared to the non-condensing boiler. Also, the gas heating boiler is safer for your home as it is sealed to augment the insulation and captures the air from the outside surrounding.

But before buying the gas heating boilers for your house, there are certain things that you should know which are:

  • Boiler’s reliability

The reliability of a boiler refers to its ability to remain functional for more number of years without any repairs. The boiler repairs are often costly, and thus it is imperative to buy a boiler of a good brand to avoid the repairs. Also, you must check the warranty of the heating boiler and must check if it is broken or needs repair in the warranty period. This will avoid dents in your pocket in the name of repairs. Keep in mind that a broker boiler the winter season can make your home freeze and provide cold showers.

  • Consider the Engineer’s option.

An Engineer’s opinion can be valuable while selecting a coiler. They have complete knowledge of how the boilers work, and they know about the best and worst brands of the boilers in the market. They can guide you through buying the best boiler for your home. It is understood that they have the knowledge, and their input is valuable, but you must not take their advice as gospel truth. This is because the engineers tend to work with some brands and to get the incentive, they’ll suggest that specific brand. It would help if you were sure while taking their advice, they should not be linked to a brand for their incentive.

  • Types of boilers

There are three main types of boilers: Combi boiler, a system boiler, and heat-only boiler. We will now know about all three:

  • Combi boiler

This type of heaters heats the water unswervingly from the mains when you turn on the tap by eliminating the storage tank. The Combi boilers are suitable for small houses that have two occupants living with a single bathroom.

  • Heat-only boiler

The heat-only boilers are also known as a regular boiler or conventional boiler. This type of boiler requires a tank or a cylinder that stores the water after heating it up for usage. This boiler type is suitable for big homes.

  • System boiler

An improved version of heat-only boilers is the system coiler, which contains more number of components. The hot water system and major heating components of this boiler are built inside and require a cylinder for the storage of hot water. This boiler is quicker and easier to install, as there is no need for a tank, which also makes it occupy less space.

  • Boiler efficiency

An efficient boiler is the one that does its job in a faster way by using fewer amounts of resources. Gas heating boilers are more efficient as compared to other boilers and also allow saving energy bills. You can save a good amount of money annually on your energy bills if you use gas heating boilers than the older ones. 

Gas heating boilers are expensive and thus need to be choosing correctly. You can check out the things that are vital to consider while buying the boiler for your home.

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Summer without air conditioning can be brutal. Whether your house doesn’t have air conditioning, you can’t afford to turn it on, or you’re going without to save energy, a hot summer doesn’t have to be miserable. Here are ways you can survive a hot summer without air conditioning.

Dress for comfort, not style.

Don’t make yourself miserable by worrying about silly things like whether your arms are too flabby for that sleeveless shirt. Spending the summer without air conditioning means you’ll end up showing some skin sooner or later. Don’t be shy, be comfortable.

Also, stick to light colors that don’t absorb heat, and choose natural, breathable fabrics over synthetics.

Spend time outside.

Let your body get used to being warm. After a long winter or damp spring, your body will certainly feel shocked by the heat in the summer. If you are going to survive without air conditioning, you need to help your body adjust as quickly as possible. Spend time outside by walking to the store or gardening, and soon the temperature will feel normal.

Put yourself in situations where you’ll appreciate the heat later.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the heat, it might be time to take a break. Part of surviving summer without air conditioning is to take advantage of other people’s air conditioning when you need to. Chill yourself in an over-air conditioned place like the library or movie theater, then enjoy the blast of warm air when you step back out into the sun.

Water is your new best friend.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. You need to drink water to sweat, which naturally cools your body. And there’s nothing worse than a dehydration headache when you’re already suffering in the heat.

Don’t just drink water, though, but also play in it. Run through sprinklers, take a day trip to the beach or pool, or just stick your face in the sink every so often. You’d be surprised at what a difference a little water makes.

Create a cross-breeze.

Survive without air conditioning by helping the air flow through your home. Open all your windows and individual room doors. Set fans inside windows to push the fresh air into your place. If you don’t have pets or small children, take the screens out of your windows. A breezy home is a cooler home.

Adjust your sleep schedule.

If your schedule allows it, sleep during the hottest part of the day. Europeans and desert dwellers have known for years that the best way to avoid the heat is to sleep through it. If you can’t take an afternoon nap, try going to bed earlier and getting up before the sun to enjoy the cool part of the morning.

If you need to be cold or covered to sleep, get used to sleeping between sunset and sunrise.

Let yourself sweat.

Don’t just lie around and feel sorry for yourself because it’s hot. Moving around and performing tasks like housecleaning or gardening is good for you in the heat. Your body will sweat to cool itself. Sweating has the added bonus of keeping your skin wet, so when you get a nice breeze, your skin will feel cooler.

Save hot tasks for evening.

If you are living without air conditioning, don’t heat your home instead. Use the microwave for cooking during the day, or eat cold food. Do your baking and boiling at night, when the extra heat in your kitchen won’t turn your apartment into an oven.

Likewise, dry clothes at night or hang them to dry.

Eat light meals during hot days.

Eating a heavy meal causes your body to work extra-hard to digest it. You’ll sit there stuffed, wondering why you feel so hot even though you aren’t doing anything. Eating lightly on the other hand, gives your body the energy it needs to get through the day without weighing it down. Eat your heaviest meals during the coolest parts of the day, and you’ll find you have more energy to do things in the heat.

This is perhaps the best option of all as light meals don’t make you stuff up where the heat starts to overwhelm you more often alongwith an upset stomach and while it won’t give you the blaux portable ac vibes but still it is much better to make the heat tolerable.

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A friend of mine posted the following question on Facebook today:

“Should women get offended when their significant others suggest weight loss?”

Needless to say, this sparked quite the conversation. There were some very insightful comments made by several people who shared their thoughts on why women (or men) should or shouldn’t be offended.

My initial response on this is that it depends on the way the concern is presented. There are three general reasons that may prompt your significant other to suggest weight loss. It is either out of concern for your health; they are not feeling as attracted to you, or a combination of both.

Whichever applies it is still necessary to hear them out even when it hurts. Now, if it is being presented in a hurtful way, then you have every right to be offended and address them on their rudeness. However, there is a difference between being intentionally mean, threatening, or hurtful, versus being genuine about the concern.


Sometimes the problem with the attractiveness factor is we lose our confidence when our weight reaches a certain point. When we don’t feel good, it shows in our actions and attitude. Likewise, when we feel good about how we look then we are happier and more active. Suggesting weight loss may not necessarily be about reaching your prior weight, as much as it could be about reaching a weight that makes you feel confident again.

In the event that your significant other also has weight concerns, this may be a great opportunity for the two of you to get fit together. It will benefit you both by bringing you together and helping you both to feel and look your best. Remember, looks are what attracted our significant other in the first place so appearance should not be completely ignored due to the hustle and bustle of life.


Increased weight cannot always be prevented especially when a woman has recently given birth, or in the case of a man or woman who is taking a certain medication. However, it is important to take steps to maintain a healthy weight so as not to create risks for additional health problems down the line, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Another health concern, for which weight gain is an indicator, is depression. There are times when depression can lead to excess eating or other unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol in excess. When a person experiences unforeseen increases in their weight, it is reasonable for your significant other to notice and address their concerns so they can help you overcome any existing stress factors.

Weight is a sensitive topic for many of us. If your significant other suggests weight loss to you, do yourself a favor and take a quick step back from the emotion of the situation, to truly verify where they are coming from. Hopefully, you will find your significant other is sincere in caring about you and your relationship. This is why I do recommend weight loss supplements like leptoconnect. But in choosing so, you need to look for a brand that is highly recommended and is very reliable. It is better to choose a weight loss supplement that is made from natural ingredients.

If you sincerely feel your significant other does not have your best interest at heart, then the relationship likely has deeper issues that need to be addressed.

Have you ever asked your significant other to lose weight or have you been the one that was asked?

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My ex husband always had a weight problem, and over 30 years ago he had his stomach stapled. At first he lost weight. However, it only took a year or so and he gained all his weight back, because he never changed his eating habits and eventually broke the staples when he stretched his stomach out again. I actually don’t believe in weight loss surgery. Today he is diabetic and will have his pancreas removed next month. He is an emotional eater.

The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat only until you are satisfied and not overly full. You might need to count calories at first, just to get an idea as to how much you can eat. Eat only low fat meats along with raw vegetables, fruits and whole grains and very little dairy products. However, I never count the calories in negative calorie foods because you system burns more calories digesting these foods then what is provided in these foods.

Some of these negative calories foods are: Lettuce, celery, spinach, raw carrots and tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, radishes, kale, and string beans.

Here are some tips on to how to get off the emotional eating roller coaster.

  1. If someone in your family tempts you with their junk food, have a serious conversation with them about how you need to lose weight to get healthy and in some cases in order to save your life. Then when they indulge in their junk food, if you cannot leave the room, have your own healthy snacks ready such as raw vegetables in fat free sour cream.
  1. Take walks or work out at the gym, whichever makes you feel better physically and emotionally.
  1. When you are faced with a problem or disappointment, instead of running to food, pray and then get yourself busy doing something that makes you happy. Once you get out of the habit of eating when a problem comes up, you will eventually stop turning to food. This takes a conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions!
  1. Write down all the things you have to be thankful for, and instead of dwelling on your problems and frustrations, dwell on your blessings.
  1. Write down specific problem solving strategies for the problem you are faced with at the time and afterward do not obsess over your problems.
  1. If you are a people-pleaser or enabler, seek professional help to learn to love yourself enough to take care of your health and stop second guessing yourself.
  1. Try to get adequate sleep, because when we don’t sleep, our resistance is lowered.

  8. Try to take weight loss supplement to support your diet and system. This will help you to easily maintain your weight and figure as well. It is also healthy because it is made from all natural ingredients. For more information, you can check leptoconnect reviews online.

One of the biggest problems with emotional eaters is that we do not have adequate self-worth to feel worthy of taking care of ourselves. We often forget about ourselves when we get too engrossed with others peoples problems and then turn to food for comfort. Also, remember that this is a permanent eating routine not a fad diet. Just like an alcoholic, the foodaholic may never be able to indulge in junk food again. Actually once you get used to healthy eating, junk food will no longer appeal to you. Think of food as fuel and nutrition for your body — not entertainment.

Also, remember that once you start eating healthier, your stomach will naturally shrink like mine did and you will find that it takes less food to make you feel satisfied.

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I look forward to the fun and sun of summer. This time of year is all about barbecues, gardening, and outdoor games. The one thing I dread the most is using the air conditioner. The electric bills from June through August will give any homeowner the summertime blues. I cannot think of any reason why I should have to continually throw away money to the utility company every year without giving the excessive heat a good fight. Once the local temperature gets warm, I usually open all the windows and turn on the ceiling fans installed throughout the home. The air conditioning does not get turned on unless the temperature and more importantly the humidity becomes outright unbearable. Even at these extremes I found money savings in using the air conditioning strictly at night so I can good some decent sleep. Well there are some key steps one can take to lower air conditioning costs.

Home Appliances

Appliances are some of the biggest heat sources to your home. Do yourself a favor and decrease usage of oven and stove. Prepare more meals using the outdoor grill. If you don’t have the time for grilling out, then prepare cool dinners such as chef salads or cold sandwiches with raw fruit or vegetables. Not only will these meals keep the kitchen cool, they will also cool down the body temperature. One might even eat healthier in the process.

The dishwasher should also be used less frequently in the summer if possible. Try to omit using the heated dry cycle and opt for a natural dry. Even more beneficial to a cool kitchen is washing dishes by hand. Pick a partner to wash or dry and strike up a conversation during this process.

Walk the home and inspect all appliances for unnecessary heat. This may involve changing up old energy wasting light bulbs and replacing with energy efficient lights. Also consider a thermal blanket for your water heater. These heaters throw out a lot of heat which will spike temperatures in the home. The thermal blanket installation will also benefit you with avoiding heat loss in the winter.


The sun has a way of beating down a home’s ability to stay cool. Try and keep window drapes and blinds closed during peak sunlight hours as this will deflect unwanted additional heat. Also make sure the attic and walls are properly insulated as this will keep cool air from escaping. If you are living in a home that you plan on staying in for many years, it might be a good idea to plant a few shade trees in your yard. This will cut down on solar exposure to your roof and siding. Unfortunately you may not receive the benefit of shade trees for a long time.


Keeping cool can be remedied by changing daily behavioral habits during a hot summer day. Try and spend more time in the coolest part of the home. For many this may be the basement or lower level that is just naturally cool. You may want to designate this as your summertime hangout. If you do not have a lower level, consider spending time in rooms that have more shade or receive cross breezes. This will allow you to turn off the ac and pop open a few windows.

If the dog days of summer have you cranking up your ac, consider spending time at other locations where you can get cooled down for free. I like to venture out to the public library or indoor mall. Just before leaving for these destinations, bump up the thermostat to about 75 or so. If the weather is not too dreadfully hot, turn it off completely until you return.

Air Conditioner – Maintenance

Finally you should have your air conditioning unit maintained and cleaned for optimal performance. Those units that have not been serviced for a long time can be sluggish and inefficient due to dust and dirt covering the coils to the unit. While the technician is performing this service, also consider installation of a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to keep the home cool when you want. The cost of hiring a HVAC technician to perform such service is money well spent as you will regain this money back very quickly.

ACs require servicing every few months because they get rusted up during the winter season as the dust particles and polluted air from the surroundings gets accumulated inside so go for maintenance before it goes out of hand or better still purchase a new blaux portable ac for a change.

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