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If you love my training method and know first-hand about the positive results you have achieved with your dog, you can earn additional income, simply by sharing this website with other dog lovers.

For each person you refer to www.dog-training-online.info who joins and becomes a member, you will earn a commission (over $22./sale). The more dog owners you refer to the website who stay as members, the more income you will earn.

It costs nothing to become an Affiliate Partner.

I work through ClickBank, a secure online retail outlet founded in 1998. They handle all the paperwork and credit card processing. You can log in and check your commission earnings anytime. It’s free and you can be set up in minutes.

And earning commission as a Dog-Training-Online.info affiliate is as easy as sending out your link in an email or adding a link to your website. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks that link (with your own ID) it takes them to the Dog-Training-Online.info website. If that person makes a purchase, then you split the commission with me 50/50 (less ClickBank administration fees).

There are two main ways to create personalized HopLinks (Affiliate Links).

The most common way is by automatically creating HopLinks using the ClickBank Marketplace.

The alternate way of creating HopLinks requires you to know your ClickBank account nickname, as well as the nickname of the ClickBank vendor you want to promote. If you know both of these nicknames, you can create your own HopLink by sending people to a website address in the following format:


 To make the HopLink work, you just replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank nickname and replace vendor with Cee123.

The absolutely easiest way to earn additional income as a Dog Training Online affiliate. Aside from that, you may also consider selling some dog items like the top picks for dog harnesses. In this way, you will be able to get extra income as a n online affiliate in training dogs and at the same time, you will be able to put the right items for your clients’ dogs.

You choose how much effort you want to put into in and in turn, how much additional income you can potentially generate for yourself.

No website. No advertising. No Expense. Sign up for the FREE affiliate program and email/Skype/Facebook/Twitter your affiliate link to other dog lovers you know and meet who have a dog and would like a better behaved, happier pet

For example:Hi John,We met at _________________ and you mentioned that you wanted me to send you a link to the dog training program. Here is the link:

Have your own website about dogs. Recommend my training program (after you have personally tried it out yourself and know how effective it is) and then provide a link to my website. Your Clickbank affiliate ID will give you credit for each person who arrives at my website from your website and purchases my training program.Get serious about your website and about making money as an affiliate. Now I did not say make a fortune overnight. What I am saying is that you can invest your time and energy into developing a really good website that offers original, solid content. Add a blog to your website. Write articles on dog training. Promote your website and promote my training program. You will earn residual income. That means you will generate income each month from each person who signs up through you… for as long as they remain a student of my program.

If you’re already a member of ClickBank and have a website (ideally, dog-related topic) all you need to do is follow Steps 2-5 below…

If you don’t have a ClickBank ID, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click Here for the ClickBank Signup Form

STEP 3: In the Marketplace, use the Find Products and search for Dove Cresswell.

You now have your own link that you can email to your friends.

Sign up for our Affiliate Newsletter for more tips and resources.

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When was the last time you played an excellent video game that gave you the adrenaline rush that is hard to find in current ventures? It is a fact that those were the days when there were numerous games to look forward to right from super Mario, Swat Kats, Dangerous Dave, Puffed up Squirrels and their ilk.

It never fails to bring a lump to the throat of the 80s and 90s generation that are grown up working individuals now and this lockdown period due to Covid-19 has taken them on a trip down memory lane and it is sending out waves of nostalgia that has made the current times enjoyable while sitting at home and relieving those moments while playing.

This is going to be an interesting read of an article where we shall discuss about an important game that requires you to keep your wits intact without losing nerve coz it’s going to be a bumpy ride into the realms of demons and supernatural beasts that the protagonists need to tackle with a nimble brain than a mighty brawn.

Basic Study

The game for today’s discussion is Corruption of Champions where there the players have to assemble into a team for a power packed action adventure replete with blood and violence galore apart from regular skirmishes with beasts that are long extinct in the real world.

Corruption of Champions (COC) was launched by Fenoxo around January 2011, which means that it is soon to complete a decade within a few months and any game that lasts this long would definitely be an interesting one that has held on to the pulse of an entire generation.

Despite its renowned popularity, this game has its fair share of critics that can be considered detractors that have malicious intentions born out of hatred to bring it down rather than constructive criticism as its basis.

To be honest, the dark reputation surrounding the game is for very good reason due to its gory content that has rape, sex, incest, inbreeding, adultery and various other vices involved in its storyline, which can be seen as the game progresses on.

This is the reason why COC has achieved mixed responses among the general public where it is only lapped up by the rebellious youngsters with a violent streak in their veins that are determined to live life on their own terms and simply hate it when anyone advices or dictates them on how to do so.

Reliable Alternatives

Given the increasing in demand for such content based games, Corruption of Champions can be considered a benchmark in its genre that has inspired and influenced many other games to follow in its steps so therefore, let us now look at something different.

The 5 Best Games like Corruption of Champions have to be mentioned along as they are reliable alternatives that can step into its shoes with ease without sacrificing on the violent content.

  • Icewind Dale-

The topnotch choice when it comes to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), a genre that requires players to device strategic methods in tackling the obstacles that the game has only this time it has to be done through magic tricks

  • Sorcery-

It is a popular venture that is similar to Harry Potter in content and would give you definite vibes of the young boy wizard’s adventures with supernatural elements at every corner alongwith their monster minions that the players have to beat with magic wands and tricks that is comparable Wizard of Oz

  • Material Magica-

At the onset, this game isn’t for beginners that have no knowledge about this game as it requires a great deal of practice to achieve 100% perfection and mastery where your creativity comes into play in deducing the riddles that the opponents throw at you

  • Lone Wolf-

This is a game that can compare with The Witcher where the eponymous protagonist has magical powers with superhuman abilities to take on the forces of darkness as the city of Magnamund is brought to a standstill when sparks fly between the heroes and villains

  • Arcanum-

This is an Old Vs New battle where ancient magic powers collide with modern age sorcery where the elves and dwarfs fight it out to establish world dominance

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Women’s spring fashions are now available at Kohl’s. Modern floral prints and bold colors are the order of the day. Here is a guide to help shoppers navigate through the many brands available at Kohl’s.

LC Lauren Conrad

The LC Lauren Conrad line, which is exclusive to Kohl’s, would probably be best suited to women in their 20’s and 30’s. It is a particularly feminine line, featuring florals and various shades of pink. Many of the tops are available in several colors, including neutral shades and bolder hues. Some of the new, spring-like colors in this brand are very pretty, such as goldenhaze and aquafoam.

LC Lauren Conrad Line is a name that needs no introduction as anyone even with the slightest knowledge of fashion would know about the clout that the hold in this field and are one of the best wholesale fashion icons in the world.

Simply Vera Vera Wang

The Simply Vera Vera Wang brand is also exclusive to Kohl’s. Elegant and simple would be appropriate words to describe it.This line offers soft jersey tops in neutral, solid colors. There are also geometric and “watercolor” prints, and a very modern take on the floral top. Simply Vera is a more expensive line compared to the others. On average, tanks are $20 on sale, with tops in the $30 range.

Jennifer Lopez

If you are willing to be a bit more daring, or make your wardrobe sexier, try the Jennifer Lopez line. Some of the Jennifer Lopez tops are low-key, but this line also offers sparkly blouses that are perfect for a night on the town. You also get a good value for the price. Some clothing items in the line are designed to be work-wear that can be dressed up for an evening out.


ELLE offers a sophisticated and fashionable look. The ELLE line has tops that are in muted, neutral colors. ELLE is often a good go-to brand for the simple touches that can make an outfit. Similar to Apt. 9, ELLE has a wide selection of versatile camisoles for wear under sheer tops.

Apt. 9

Apt. 9 is a line that offers both sophisticated and casual wear. Brightly colored spring tees and camisoles can be found in this collection, as well as versatile and simple short-sleeve shirts. Animal prints and modern floral tops are also part of the spring collection.

AB Studio

AB Studio is a fun brand, featuring bold colors, such as turquoise and hot pink. Peasant tops, in both paisley and flowered prints, make up a large part of the spring collection. AB Studio clothing is very popular with women in their 30’s, and would be very wearable for work or after work.

Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes is another brand that offers very basic looks, as well as those that are more fun and flirty. You can get a simple, drapeneck tank in a solid color, or a floral print. There are a number of tops with shirring on the sleeves or on the shoulders.

Croft  amp; Barrow / Sonoma life + Style

Croft  amp; Barrow and Sonoma life + style are two of the more adult brands at Kohl’s. In these two lines, you will be able to find more basic, simple styles for everyday wear,. For instance, Croft  amp; Barrow has a number of nice, solid colored or striped shirts. Both lines offer some cute, embroidered peasant tops for spring.

Jewelry is also available from some of these brands, such as LC Lauren Conrad, Croft  amp; Barrow, and Daisy Fuentes, In addition to jewelry, the Jennifer Lopez line offers purses.

Most of these brands also offer a line of shoes. The most popular of the shoe lines are Apt. 9, Croft  amp; Barrow, and Simply Vera Vera Wang.

Check out www.kohls.com to find the store nearest you. Happy shopping!

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I have heard many insist that living in dorms is cheaper than renting an apartment during college. I’ve also heard some insist it’s the other way around. So I crunched some numbers and… renting an apartment can be cheaper, just as I’ve always expected as I went through leedon green brochure.

Let’s start with what it costs to live on campus, using my alma mater as an example. Rooms come in three price points at the University of Northern Colorado. We’ll use the middle price point as our example, for simplicity’s sake. Rooms in this case cost $3,604 a year (per person). A school year is nine months long, but there’s a month-long winter break during which you’re not allowed access to your room, so that month doesn’t count. $3,604 divided by 8 months is $450.50 a month.

So, for $450.50 per month AND per person, your “rent”, utilities, landline phone, high-speed internet, and basic cable are paid for. Now you need to eat. Most people eat (or at least should) 3 meals a day. The standard meal plan, which covers 3 meals a day on weekdays, and brunch and dinner on weekends, costs $3572 a year (per person). Divide that by the 8 months established earlier, and you’re spending $446.50 a month on food. Add the sums together and you’re spending $897.00 per month, per person.

Now let’s switch to the real world, but we’ll assume you have a roommate since you’ll also likely have one in a dorm. A decent 2 bedroom apartment can be found in this area for $550-600 a month. We’ll use the average, $575, for this exercise. With one roommate, you’d be spending $287/month/person on rent.

Most apartments near here include water, gas, and trash. You’ll pay extra for other utilities. (Let’s assume the same amenities as in the dorms). Basic cable runs about $55 a month, or $27.50 per person. High-speed internet will be about $32 if you get a deal with Qwest or $16 per person. A landline phone will run about $40/month, $20/person. Electricity, if you’re environmentally conscious, could be as low as $35 a month, or $17.50 a person. If you add in renters insurance, which is strongly recommended, you’ll pay about $10/month, depending on coverage, or $5/person.

So far you’re at $373 a person with apartment living. Now you need food. One can easily get by on $50 of groceries per week, if not less. Figure in the average 4 weeks a month, and you’re spending $200/month on food. This could be a bit less if you are able to share grocery bills with your roommate. Add all apartment living expenses ($373+$200) and your total monthly living cost is $573.

Let’s recap: the “rent”, including all utilities and a food bill, for the dorms, is $897 per month, per person. The same rent and utilities, as well as food, will likely cost you $573 per month, per person. That’s a savings of $324 per month. In both cases, you have the same utilities and amenities, and a roommate. Even if you counted the extra ninth month, in which you’re not allowed in your dorm, as part of the cost, you’d be paying $797.33 per month/person in the dorms. It’s still cheaper to have an apartment with one roommate!

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Crockpot Cooking

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For as long as I can remember in my adult life I have owned a crockpot and the Best Omelette Pans for several reasons. I’ve always worked and my commutes usually average anywhere from an hour to 2 1/2 hours one way. With that kind of commute, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for meals and meal preparation. Since soup and sandwiches get old after a while I use my crockpot on an average of twice a week.

There are a lot of recipes that require a long cooking time so those are the ones that I like to adapt for crockpot cooking. The important thing that you have to remember is things cooked in a crockpot normally don’t require that a lot of water since the meats will create some juices as it cooks.

To make chili in the crockpot brown ground beef and drain. The put in the crockpot with tomato sauce, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, and I use the two-alarm chili kit. It has all the spices and is premeasured for a full crockpot of chili so you need to do is add it. I don’t usually use the mesa flour though and only a little of the red pepper. All you need to do when you get home is cook rice or spaghetti if you like to put your chili on something. Or eat it just as a soup. I love to top mine with cheese and let it melt.

For an easy Italian chicken recipe, I put chicken pieces in the crockpot and top with pasta sauce and let cook for 8 hours. Very delicious! For pulled pork just cook your tenderloin with some bay leaves and crushed red pepper for 8 hours and then pull the tenderloin apart with a fork and add your bar-b-que sauce.

I also created a beef stew recipe that I think is very good and super easy! Just put a pound of beef stew meat cut up into bite-sized pieces, 2 cups of mixed vegetables, 3 potatoes diced and 2 cans of vegetable broth and a package of beef stew seasoning mix. Let cook for 8 hours and eat! I’ve also used my crockpot to cook corn and baked potatoes in the summer. Don’t use foil to wrap your corn in! When I tried it when unwrapped the corn had a brown look to it and it tasted funny so we ended up throwing it out. I’ve been reading where some folks cook the corn the husks. I haven’t tried it yet but intend to. I’ve also make dry lima beans in the crockpot.

Those normally take a long time to cook. Let beans soak overnight and then cook in the crockpot all day. Add a ham bone or ham hock for flavoring and some vegetable broth instead of water. If anyone has any crockpot recipes they’d like to share I’d love to hear them and if anyone has cooked their corn in the husks using their crockpots I’d love to hear that too!

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October is here and the weather is getting colder, so what better time to think about shopping for the holidays. I love the holidays because they can be such of time of thanksgiving and the making of so many wonderful memories. My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. Christmas to me is a wonderful time of reflection and giving of thanks for the birth of my Lord Jesus Christ. Hence the name Christ (mas)! The meaning of Christmas has everything to do with thanksgiving and nothing to do with gifts. The reason I give gifts is because I love God’s people and also Christ himself was given gifts on his day of birth.

As a self proclaimed shopping guru with over 20 years of experience in the fine art of hunting down affordable luxury; I am now imparting my shopping wisdom on how and what you should consider purchasing for the upcoming Holiday season. I know there are people that begin their holiday shopping sometime in the middle of summer and I am well acquainted with others that make a mad dash to their local retailer at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve. I have had done both and let me tell you the latter is not the way to go. After a login at online search engine, unique door gift ideas are made available to the person. With the help of the ideas, there is great celebration of the festival. The shopping of the gift is with the engagement of the skills and intelligence. The meeting of the requirements is great to get the right results. 

In a society where there is so much fraud and uncertainty, some people are afraid to purchase things online. They may feel their personal information may be compromised or perhaps they are unsure about the quality of the item. Let me put some of your fears to rest because I have been shopping online for over 10 years and have never had an incident of fraud or disappointment with the quality of the item I was purchasing. There is so much security in place now that you can shop worry free and begin using your time more effectively.

If you’re concerned about the quality, no need. There are websites that give you an opportunity to see the item you are purchasing at every angle and up close and personal. Websites such as Overstock.com give consumers’ detailed information regarding the product as well as actual customer reviews regarding what they thought about the product and some are shockingly honest. The online retailers are offering these kinds of services to consumer because they want to retain you as a customer. It’s not just about ordering something one time; they want to build a relationship and provide you with the best possible shopping experience as well as quality products. There was one Christmas some years ago where I shopped for holiday gifts exclusively at JC Penny online and purchased everything from rabbit fur ear muffs to colorful DVD players. It was economic, efficient and hassle free!

As we are closing in on the upcoming Christmas Holiday; I did my homework early and found some very chic as well as affordable Christmas items for the stylish plus size ladies that love who they are and don’t mind showing the world their style! This year, I’d like to introduce you to the world of Talbots.com for your shopping convenience. I have been shopping with Talbot’s for over 15 years and have been so pleased with the value and the quality. My most memorable purchase from Talbot’s would have to be a chocolate corduroy ankle length shirtdress. I loved the fit, the sleekness and versatility of the dress. I could dress it up for evening wear by adding pearls and satin heels or I could take it to the movies by putting on large gold hoops earrings and suede boots. I look forward to shopping at Talbot’s every season when you can get up to 85% off of the original price. Can you say Bargain? You must experience it to believe it.

Today’s Top 5 picks were a snap for me because I have so many stylish “real woman” in my circle of friends. As a matter of fact, they have actually taught me how to put a little style in my wardrobe. Without further commentary, here are my Top 5 picks for Petite Plus Size woman this holiday for under $100.00:

  1. Box Jacquard Blouse $88.00

(Black or White/Cotton/Woven w/spandex)

Pleated with French style cuffs

Sizes 12-24W

This blouse screams I am a fashion icon. It is a polished looked that

can go from the boardroom to a night out with the girls.

  1. Embellished Boot Leg Jeans $88.00

(Cotton/Lycra/Spandex) Sizes 12-24W

These indigo colored jeans are this falls hottest thing next to the 80’s leggings.

These jeans fit like skinny jeans, but with lots of comfort thanks to the spandex blend.

  1. Jacquard/Weave Skirt $78.00

(Cotton/Various fall colors/A line style)

Sizes 12-24 W

Can you say elegance? This flowing A-line skit is a flattering

fit on any figure. It can be wore with sandles,pumps or your favorite fall/winter boots.

  1. Scrunch neck Tee $54.00

(Rayon/Wool/Cashmere/Various fall colors)

Sizes X-3X

I am a tee girl. If I could, I would wear jeans and tees

everyday of the week. These soft and chic tees can be worn under a suite

jacket for work or with jeans. Next to the little black dress, this should be a

staple in every womans wardrobe.

  1. Velveteen Pea coat $98.00

(Cotton/Spandex) Fall colors

Sizes 12WP-24WP

I heard read that there’s nothing new under the sun and this classic

pea coat proves it. I remember loving the pea coat back in the 80’s and

I love it even more now because designers have made it so much more

fashionable and lady like with the velvet and spandex.

There is so much quality and value for your money at Talbots.com. Start your holiday shopping today in the comfort of your home and let your fingers do all the work! Talbots.com where plus size women can find affordable and convenient luxury.

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There are several people who are fond of music; they enjoy playing and listening to music, which makes them feel emotionally uplifted and overwhelmed. When it comes to music, there are many types of it available, and different types of music will invoke the different feelings in individuals. One of the most famous and easy to play an instrument is a handpan, in order to gain information about it, see it here

So that you will be enabled to get to know about the music and sound originated from it. With the help of the desired sound, the people can feel more comfortable; they will improve mood and several more health beneficial things. The handpans are available at a cheaper price, and they are worthy enough to be bought. 

The users are going to hear the pleasing sound, and there are a bulk more things that you need to know about it. Now you must be wondering what those things are? How will you get to know about these things? So here we are to guide you to unveil these things conveniently. Preferably check out the following elaboration in order to gain more information about it. Have a look:-

Certain factors and specifications that you need to know about the handpans:-

  • The music of handpan can make you smile:

The hang drum/handpan is made of steel, and it has the specific sound which speaks to you along with the harmonic delicacy of music generated by it. The sound generated or created by it is hypnotic and pleased the listeners will feel cherished and delighted while playing it. 

The best part is that even the beginners are also allowed to play it in their favorite tune as there is no rocket science behind its usage. The users are allowed to play it easily, and the sound will make you smile, and you will start relieving stress from your life. We all know that music can enhance your mood and allow you to experience positivity in the aura. 

  • Handpans will elevate the soothing vibes:

While listening to the several sounds and pings from the handpans, you will hear how seamlessly blends with each. This is how the person’s mind becomes more active, and the studies will acknowledge the powerful and positive impact of music on your soul and mind. We all know that music’s desired sound will have a massive impact on your body and mindset. 

According to the studies, acknowledgment music has a massive impact on several different parts of the brain. When a person listens to music, then they can conveniently feel motivated, creative, facilitate, and easily clear out the whole disturbing scenario. The music created by handpans can be light and airy; moreover, it is capable of serving a marvelous backdrop so that the person can easily conquer the day. 

  • The best way of exercise:

If you are a beginner, you need to know that handpans are the most elegant exercise source. If you are looking for an instrument that can help you do several exercises, then this is the one. We all know that the handpans need to be played with hands, and music created by it is soothing. 

When you begin playing it, you will get to hear different sounds and pings. The handpans/ hang drum is capable of improving the rhythmic movements while you are running or walking. The softer and slower musical instrument sounds can create the enrich to boost up your yoga or any kind of stretching routine. 

Have a look at some frequently asked questions:-

Are the handpans expensive?

The handpans is the musical instrument which is available at the cheap and expensive price both. So it is up to you which one you want to buy. The cheaper handpans are worth considering because they are allowing you to get the desired product at a reasonable price. 

Is it hard to play the handpans?

No! The users can play it easily as there is no rocket science behind the sound generated by it. The users are capable of playing it conveniently, and they will hear different sounds and scales that will range up to between 7 to 15 notes. The different handpans have different scales, ranging from the specific numbers, but the music created by it will make you more cherished and delighted. 

Mention some of the worth considering handpans.

The handpans are available in the massive range so that the person is enabled to choose the perfect one for themselves. Still, some people are confused between the perfect selections, so here we are to help them out. At the points mentioned below, we have elaborated on the products which are worth considering. Let’s have a look:-

  • RAV2 tongue handpan – it has the heavenly hang/tongue hybrid.
  • Bali steel pan (E-Major)
  • Harmonic handpan D minor
  • Tzevaot handpan Aeolian
  • Bali steel pan (E major)

The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude to the fact that the handpans are available in the massive range. The music created by the handpans is proficient enough to enable you to experience the soothing vibes conveniently. The best part is that users can easily play this magical musical instrument without seeking help from somewhere else. We hope the described information has helped you to know more specific and unveiled details that you need to know about it.

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We human beings have a major flaw that most of us tend to overlook in ourselves and that is not acknowledging the worth of certain things and people in our lives and completely dismissing them, only to consider their contribution when they are no longer a part of our being.

Be it with fellow humans or lifeless but valuable objects, they don’t get the treatment they deserve from us because we are all ungrateful wretches that simply belittle their contribution without shame and once they are gone, we start shedding crocodile tears in a bid to lighten the guilt in our hearts.

In today’s article, we aren’t going to talk about other people’s contribution as that is quite obvious and has been discussed time and time again while the objects tend to get neglected and definitely merit an entire article for themselves, which is why this one is completely dedicated to them.

Striking a Cord

When it comes to the objects in daily life, an individual’s schedule can be divided into two parts- half at home and the other half in office to earn a living in order to provide a better lifestyle for his family.

Our personal lives involve our family where we get to be ourselves and show off our true personality while the professional one requires us to maintain a formal demeanor and we are forced to put up a façade to impress our superiors for future benefits.

At home, we have household appliances run through electricity that require the use of power tools for fixing it up but cordless tools slip through our mind when it comes to the contribution of such tools.

Electrical power tools are corded in nature that require the use of more power compared to cordless ones with an endless operational work process that lasts forever as long as you are in close proximity of an extension cord or portable generator that only strengthens with time.

It also has its share of limitations as it cannot function without connecting it by wire which is why it cannot be moved from one place to another and is difficult to store in the house or the store room due to its enormous size and the cords have to be wrapped up that become difficult to unwrap due to entanglement.

Go Cordless

We are living in the age of modernity and when the internet itself has gone for wireless connection, there is no reason why the tools shouldn’t become cordless as well and these don’t have any cord or wire to connect to so they can be taken from one place to another without any issues.

DeWalt 18v battery for cordless tools are used for charging the tools but they last for a longer period compared to cord tools and what’s more, they can be stored easily into bags and containers without the need to get entangled.

It does have its limitations like the options for torque are few and far between due to which the battery drains out faster while they are quite heavy to manage at 10 pounds so you can imagine the difficulty of moving it.

The battery drains out during work so it requires charging for a specific period which is why you need to keep extra batteries at hand.

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As an experienced runner, I wholeheartedly support enjoying the natural world while exercising as much as possible. However, as a trainer I also understand personal preference, the weather, and wanting to get the most out of a gym membership or purchased home equipment. In order to maximize the results of treadmill workouts, diversity is essential. Walking, jogging, or running at the same pace day after day gets monotonous and inevitably takes the joy out of exercise. Spicing up your workouts with the following five treadmill exercises will undoubtedly lead to aerobic fitness gains, increase motivation and enjoyment, and burn more calories (especially in the optimal fat burning zone).

The Playlist Partner Workout:

Build a unique playlist to fit mood, a specific theme, desired time and intensity, and overall goals for the workout. While exercising, match the walking or running pace with the pace of the song. Be creative! Examples would be to design a playlist that continuously builds with each song until a climax, then, descends in intensity pattern afterwards. Other suggestions are to alternate songs of higher tempo with lower tempo as an interval training tool or include similar paced songs throughout the playlist and increase paces only with the choruses for shorter, higher intensity interval training. Take ownership, enjoy designing playlists, and vary it up! Also, works while watching TV, just go faster during commercial breaks.

The Cardio/Strength Training Combo Workout:

Interval training (alternating periods of increased pace with slower periods) is highly advantageous to greater aerobic gains, increased metabolism, and the after-burn effect (more calories burned post-workout). With this workout, choose the desired amount of time on the treadmill and divide it into equal or unequal segments, at an even pace or varying paces (Diversity is the key!). Between each segment on the treadmill, step off and perform one set of 2 to 4 muscle group specific exercises before moving onto the next treadmill period. Easy equipment-free suggestions are squats, squats jumps, lunges, pushups, ab exercises such as planks, sit-ups, or leg throws, standing hip abduction, and calf raises or grab a resistance band or light dumbbells for various shoulder raises and presses, curls, tricep extensions, rows, or add resistance to one of the aforementioned equipment-free exercises. Along with the exercises a visit can be made at https://theprincela.com/best-incline-treadmills/ site. The information about the treadmills should be accurate for meeting with the requirements. Some free exercises are provided to the person to reduce in the fat and weight. The calories are burnt to get a healthy and fit body to get effective results. 

The Teeter-Totter, Tag-Team Treadmill Workout:

The support and accountability of a friend is a powerful motivating tool. Treadmill running does not have to be a depressing, isolated experience. Grab a friend and identify the desired total for time on the treadmill. Break it up into segments and take turns running at the faster pace. An example for a 30 minute workout would be: 1 minute (Partner A faster), 1 minute (Partner B Faster), 2 minute (A), 2 minute (B), 3 (A), 3 (B), 5(A), 5(B), 3(A), 3(B), 1(A), and 1(B). The same thing can be done by incorporating strength training and one treadmill. While one person walks, jogs, or runs, the other is strength training exercises, then switch after a set period of time.

The Pace Pyramid Workout:

The most common workout I personally do on a treadmill is the Pace Pyramid Workout. For example, say I am comfortable running for 30 minutes at 7 mph. I will run the first and last 10 minutes at 7 mph, but I will change the middle 10 minutes greatly to burn more calories, burn more fat, increase aerobic fitness, and make time fly. My middle 10 minutes might look like this: 2 min at 7.5 mph, 1 min at 8 mph, 2 min at 7.5 mph, 1 min at 8.5 mph, 2 min at 7.5 mph, 1 min at 9 mph (or back down to 8 mph), and 1 final minute at 7.5 mph. You can manipulate the numbers to fit your experience, goals, and conditioning, or simply adjust the speeds to how you “feel,” just spice up the middle of the run with a more challenging infusion of variety.

The Cardio Carousel Workout:

Probably the most basic workout to achieve variety is to spend a set amount of time on a serious of cardio stations (stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, stair machine, rowing machine, and body-weight exercises). Use equal or varied segments of time and standardize or vary the pace (one day emphasize the elliptical, one day make the treadmill portion more difficult). The design is up to the individual. Diversity is the key!

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Welcome to Elite Vaping, a website dedicated to promoting the best electronic cigarette smoking devices, aka, vaping! Many people are switching to electronic cigarettes as a way of reducing the amount of chemicals ingested by smoking, if you have a look around at the amount of ecigarettes currently on offer you might find it difficult to choose the right one for you, that’s where Elite Vaping comes in, we are dedicated to promoting only the highest quality vaping devices currently available today, where you can find them and what they should cost, hopefully these pointers will help you make the right decision. 

We at EliteVaping have put together this site to help you, the smoker.

At this point we need to make it clear that this site is aimed at smokers and should not be seen as a motivation to non-smokers to start smoking.

That said, lets answer a few basic questions, like whats an e cigarette?, and whats vaping?.

An E Cigarette. Its a battery powered device designed to imitate a traditional cigarette. Just like vape liquid cigarettes, this is now highly in demand in the market. According to a survey, a lot of traditional smokers are now turning to vaping. When I say imitate I mean look like a cigarette, produce smoke, well, vapor really, theres no passive smoking involved with e cigs as well as deliver nicotine into your system, just like a real cigarette.

They are rechargable and can be used anywhere, as mentioned earlier they are not covered by the smoking ban because they do not contain any tobacco, the main ingredient is nicotine. An electronic cigarette can deliver a wide range of nicotine strengths from zero nicotine to very high nicotine levels of 2.6mg, enough for even the most seasoned smokers.

Originally introduced by the manufacturers as a way of cutting back on smoking, nowadays they are marketed as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, just like nicotine gum and patches.

Some countries are trying to impose bans on ecigarettes giving the reason of “they are not tested” – but thats completely not true, many responsible retailers will happily advertise what chemicals have gone into their range of ecigs and many more have already had their products chemically analysed to ensure purity etc, perhaps the real reason for wanting a ban on them could be the loss in tax the Government will get, but thats a nother discussion.

The bottom line with swapping to an ecig is they have less chemicals in them than tobacco cigarettes, period! and since we all know how dangerous real cigs are to our health I dont see how the authorities can say with a straight face they are concerned about the safety of them.

I’ve comtemplated this scenario before and will run it by you now, lets say for arguments sake that the real cigarette had never been invented and today a man comes along with an electronic cigarette and a real cigarette, given the known dangers of smoking tobacco, would the authorities allow real cigarettes to be sold? No, they wouldn’t, but thats the problem, you cant get the genie back in the bottle.

As the e cig market develops we are hearing more phrases and words used/associated with esmoking. One of the most popular words is based on the action performed by the ecig, ie vaping, as in the atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine found in the mouthpiece, hence the word vaping is becoming more and more popular.

E liquid is also a relatively new word to describe the liquid used to “top up” the cartridges when they’ve run dry, most online retailers sell e liquid in a variety of flavours, lots of the usual tobacco flavours like mboro and golden V plus lots of fruit based flavours like almond, orange, apple, banana. Using eliquid has 2 main advatages over regular cartridges, firstly it cheaper than continually buying cartridges and secondly, and to most people this is the most important point, its available in a massive range of flavours and nicotine strengths.

Some of the more unusual types of esmoking are the ecigars and epipes, its hard to believe that even these old favourites are now availableas an alternative smoking device.

 The golden rule when it comes to choosing the best ecig for you to go for one that can keep up with your smoking habit.

For example if you are a very light smoker, say 1-6 cigs a day then they’re are loads of small ecigs for you to choose, the smaller the ecig the less power it will have and less power equals less smoking time, so you can see if you are a heavy smoker then the small ecigs would be pretty useless and you’ll not enjoy your new esmoking experience.

So now we turn to the heaviest of smokers and we feel thats anyone smoking 40-60 cigarettes per day, where do you find an electronic cigarette that can keep up with you? Thankfully there are hundreds of online retailers these days all offering the latest weird and wonderful ecig designs, but some names you could look out for are the EGO and the TORNADO electronic cigarette, the EGO and TORNADO are pretty much the same thing with one exception, the TORNADO is manufactured by one of the worlds leading makers of ecigs and is known in the UK as the TORNADO whereas a lot of other manufacturers have latched on to the design and call theirs the EGO. Both use the same cartridges and atomizers, both have 650mah batteries which is crucial for recommending this ecigarette because that means each battery can be smoked continuously for upto 6 hours before needing a recharge and don’t forget that these kits have 2 batteries so there is plenty of power to deal with the most demanding of smokers.

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Most of the social networking sites are meant for the people belonging to the certain community to meet online, exchange the ideas and make friends. Everybody has the right to enjoy the liberty of expressing himself. However, this freedom is more or less abused by following vulgarity and pornography, which is rearing up on most of the social networking sites on internet. Many religious minded people are searching for the social working sites, which are free from vulgarity and rampant pornography and like to maintain some minimum level of social decency in the content displayed on their sites. Before using any social networking sites, it is important to know the site first and [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]read review about it. This will give you the pros and cons of the platform so you will be aware of the things that you need to expect.

Here is the list of top four ranking Christian social networking sites, which adhere to particular level of standards expected by the religious minded and socially behaved people:

  1. Tangle.com

This Christian social networking site has the aim to provide the people with a chance to express themselves and convey what they are made of. This website permits the members to share their content with others. The content is first reviewed and screened by a team of customer care representatives. The content may include pictures, videos, music or any other material. The website has a video section, which was earlier known as GodTube and is valued about $30 million and is a religious cult favorite. If you compare it with YouTube, which has been worth around $1.6 billion, Tangle.com has no match with it.

  1. Xians.com

If you compare this Christian social networking site with Myspace, it is equivalent to Myspace in size, but is basically based on the faith in Christianity. It will permit you to make friends, exclaim out yourself and make your position. You can post on the blogs and also chat with other members on the forum and get listed in different groups. There are a lot of music, videos and games based on Christianity and God. You can get a free registration for membership on this site. You can get free mp3 for some artists.

  1. Mychurch.org

If you are really looking for the Christian social Networking sites, you cannot afford to miss this site. The site is totally cantered on church. You can do free networking on the Christian churches with this site. If you belong to a specific church, you can make a website for that church, display and share pictures and even invite members to your site. It also allows to post the preaching for the Sunday service. This can be very helpful to linking this with web 2.0 collectively.

  1. FaithLight.com

On Faithlight.Com you can find very beautiful designs and easily sail through to connect with people and also share the photos, videos and audio collections. The site principally focuses on Christianity and Bible and requests made regarding the prayers. This website has well trained and devoted Christian staff to enroll the new members who can be friends safely after proper scrutiny.

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Renee Wyatt of American Guns is like every other mom in America who’s trying to feed her busy family the best meals possible. With such a busy lifestyle, I wondered how she handles cooking. Recently, I had a chance to ask her a few questions about cooking for her family, while handling the hectic lifestyle of a reality TV star.

Having a family that likes to hunt, what are some of your favorite dishes to prepare with game meat?

Uh oh. I am going to have to plead the 5th on this question. I am sorry!!! I just don’t care for game meat. Rich and Kurt do…I think you should ask them before I get myself in trouble! How about I tell you a secret in exchange for this non-answer? I pretty much never eat fast food, but the Wyatt family favorites that we NEVER pass up when traveling (including me) no matter what, are: White Castle, Friendly’s, In n’ Out Burger and Dunkin’ Doughnuts. None of those in Colorado – crazy, right?

What’s your family’s favorite meal?

Big ‘ol turkey dinner (think: Thanksgiving). That’s the one favorite for everybody. We made it a tradition when Kurt got his own home to have a huge family dinner once a week. I’d cook all day, the rest of the family would all leave work early and gather at our house for a full-out Thanksgiving with the works (or something the equivalent) every Thursday night. but, unfortunately, now with our American Guns schedule we can’t do it regularly any more. That’s one thing we all really miss, and something we look forward to doing again.

Any recipes you’d like to share?

Ok, this is great, quick and so yummy! Sautee chopped onions, add ground beef and brown in a large skillet. Add a packet of taco seasoning and a large can of stewed tomatoes. Add black beans and garbanzo beans (or whatever beans you like), and some water to a “chowder” consistency. Sprinkle in a packet or two of powdered ranch dressing mix and simmer for a couple of hours. Serve with sour cream, some shredded cheese and tortilla chips on the side. This is the BEST to keep a big batch in the fridge, but it doesn’t last very long!

With such a busy family, are there any tricks you use in the kitchen so that your family can eat more homemade meals, rather than fast food?

I do what a a lot of busy moms do. I make 3 or 4 lasagnes, a couple of homemade smothered burrito trays and, say, a dish or two of stuffed shells and freeze them. That way when our week gets crazy I can always pull out a healthy home cooked meal that I had ready to go, and nobody is the wiser.

What cooking advice would you offer busy moms?

Make pasta sauce from scratch and freeze in muffin pans or ice cube trays over night. Then transfer to zip lock bags for storage. That way when you are ready to make some quick italian food you can grab just whatever amount you need. You can also check [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]more tips here.

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Offering to bring a friend or family member’s dog into your home to care for it while the owners are on vacation or away for business is a very thoughtful and kind gesture. While many dogs do just fine in a boarding facility or having someone come into their home to walk and feed them, staying in a home with a company instead of spending many hours alone or in a pen is often the best solution. While granting this favor, you may be concerned about your own dog’s comfort and peace in this time of upheaval. This article will offer ways you can maintain your own dog’s happiness and reduce their stress while dog sitting.


beautiful woman hugging her adorable golden retriever dog at home. love for animals concept. lifestyle indoors

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Keep A Close Watch. Dogs are very territorial and feel the need to establish dominance over each other. Though your dog and the dog you are pet sitting may have always gotten along in a neutral location, taking that dog into your home and showing affection for it may cause your dog to become anxious and react accordingly. Likewise, the dog you are caring for may be confused and think this is their new home. This may cause the visiting dog to feel the need to establish it’s placed in the hierarchy. This can lead to aggression between the dogs and possibly result in injury. By being vigilant and not leaving the dogs alone together until they become comfortable, you can reduce the chances that the dogs will have an altercation.

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Stick To Your Dog’s Regular Schedule. By keeping your dog’s feeding and walking schedule in place, you will go a long way towards keeping your dog comfortable and secure during this time. Your dog needs the security of their regular schedule as well as the assurance that they are your top priority even while another dog is visiting. The last thing you want your dog to feel is that they are being replaced and shunted to the side.

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Maintain Your Dog’s Normal Privileges. Although you may feel that you should give the visiting dog all the perks of the home to make them feel most comfortable, it is far more important to ensure your own dog’s happiness and security by allowing them the privileges they normally enjoy. You don’t need to allow the dog you are a pet sitting to snooze on the couch if you provide a cozy and comfortable bed for them on the floor. If your own dog normally enjoys this privilege, do not take it away in favor of the other dog. This will be confusing and hurtful to your dog and likely lead to aggression between your dog and the one you are pet sitting. Here, [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Bark Collar for Small Dogs can help you as you try to move around with them. 

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Give Extra Attention. Some extra cuddles and petting to remind your dog that they are still number one in your heart will make the pet sitting experience go much smoother and keep your dog happy and secure for the duration.

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Most of us wouldn’t give a child $100.00 in cash and then turn them loose in a candy store. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to take a hyper dog out in public when he’s got a back account full of pent-up energy.

Expending that energy prior to going to new and exciting places with your dog is the best method for ensuring your four legged companion is more docile and easier to control when other animals or people come into close proximity. The key is for you to be fully charged and your dog to be about 75 per cent depleted of energy. Of course, that begs the question, how do we exercise our dogs while retaining our own energy at maximum prior to a public outing? If we walk them or play with them, we expend our own energy as well. That’s where the treadmill or spring pole come in very handy. If you don’t have such equipment, don’t despair. There are plenty of other creative ways to drain Rover’s energy while retaining your own. Here are a few suggestions:

Have a family member play or walk him first, then you take over for the public experience.

If he loves to play fetch and is good at retrieving, do that. Throwing a toy will be minimally draining to you, and your dog will expend lots of energy.

Buy a cheap laser pointer and let him chase the dot around the floor as you relax in a chair. I’ve found that nearly all dogs will go nuts over that magical red dot.

If you like to skate or roller blade, teach your dog to pull you along on them. This is something you should only do if you’re an expert at maneuvering with wheels strapped to your feet. If you’re an amateur, you’ll end up burning as much of your own energy as your dog as you try to remain upright and avoid running over him, which, of course, defeats the purpose.

Once your dog has got a heavy pant going and has tired of the activity, it’s time to hook up and head out to the dog-friendly coffee shop, obedience class, or park. Don’t let him rest in between play time and public outing time, that will defeat the purpose. Dogs are marvelously resilient creatures and they recharge quickly. The new experience of the public adventure will be enough to perk him up. However, with little reserve energy to draw on he will be much easier to control when that crazy cat runs across the street in front of you or some playful stray comes bounding happily up to have a sniff.

Although I’ve been known to rant against prong collars, they do have their place, and as one expert I have a great deal of respect for recently pointed out to me, if it weren’t for the quick control afforded by a prong collar, many dog owners would give up on ever controlling their hyper animals and we’d have a lot more in shelters headed for euthanasia. If you happen to be one of those owners, try this energy draining method along with the prong/pinch collar and see if things get easier for you. The pinch collar will be there for insurance and confidence, but you’ll end up having to rely on it less.

It all depends on how you have brought up your dog just like your own child but if you still have problems in managing them despite the above points, you can [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]read more here on the site Pup life for detailed info on how to do so.

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This is going to be an interesting read as there are many things that need to be clarified and what better way than during the age of a pandemic to do so because it has already taken the entire world in its grasp.

However, this article is not going to be about the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow to keep the corona virus at bay as the nationwide lockdown period has instilled some sense in the citizens to practice social distancing.

What we are going to discuss today is about some normal ailments that are seemingly harmless at first glance but in fact are no less than slow poison as they kill you not only physically but mentally as well and that include not just humans but animals as well.

CBD- The New Remedy

Mankind has been dealing with hardships since time immemorial but this one is pertaining towards fighting regular ailments that people of all age groups encounter and endure both physical and mental agony.

CBD oil has changed the thought process of the medical and pharmacy field that certain problems have no cure but to give a brief history, it is taken from extracts of cannabis and hemp plants from hilly regions with a cool climate.

CBD is the acronym of cannabinoid that has given many things for living beings to cheer about but while it has proven to provide relief for humans, does it do the same for animals as well?

Everyone knows that animals, especially dogs, are more prone to ailments and have the disadvantage of being unable to convey their thoughts to speech to their human counterparts which is why they have to be given special attention as they are pets as well.

People are doubtful of using CBD oil as a remedy for their dogs as they feel that it would have the same positive results on animals as they do for humans but rest assured that they are the best alternative you can find.

It is simply because they come from original sources that are taken from places with excellent climatic conditions which are why they guarantee 100% results without any side effects whatsoever.

Kidney Cure

Dogs too are grappling with issues like joint pain, inflammation, swelling, anxiety, depression, etc. but are also prone to kidney diseases. So it needs to be confirmed that CBD oil would considerably reduce the pain that the poor dogs are going through due to kidney ailment.

So [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]you can try this out for physical and mental issues but kidney diseases don’t fall into the normal ailment category but that of life threatening ones and they have only one cure that is kidney transplant while dialysis would keep your urinary system clean.

The dialysis procedure is arduous and painful as it needs to be taken three or four times a week depending on the condition so the CBD oil would help in numbing the pain of the procedure but cannot be classified as a cure for kidney disease as that is not possible although doctors and scientists are still trying to work out a cure for it and cancer as well.


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While you have probably seen many ads promoting neutering your dog you might not know some of the benefits that I have found after getting my dog neutered. I know that before neutering my dog he would always go running, wouldn’t listen as well, and was very hyper and active. However, I know that neutering him would help take care of some of his behavior issues.

The first benefit that I found after neutering my dog was that he stopped running out of the yard as often. I know that before he would smell a female in heat and since he wasn’t neutered he would try to run out of the yard all the time to get towards the female. However, since he got neutered he no longer has the urge to run out of the yard after the female in heat which saves me from having to chase after him.

The second benefit that I found with my own dog is that before he got neutered he wouldn’t really listen all that well. For instance you would tell him one thing and he would do the total opposite because he still considered himself the pack leader because he was the male. However, after he got neutered he started listening better than what he was before he got neutered. I know that now if I tell him to sit he will sit down. Same with if he goes into a room that he isn’t supposed to be in and I tell him to get out of it instead of running into the room anyways he will just turn around and walk back to the room he is allowed in.

The third benefit of getting your dog neutered that I know of is that before he got neutered my dog was so hyperactive that he never slept or so it seemed. I know that I really had a hard time keeping up with him and dealing with his hyperactive behavior. It seemed like no matter how much I exercised him outside he would still be full of energy when he came back in. However, after he got neutered his energy level did seem to decrease a little bit more than what he had before, but he still played quite a bit just I finally got his energy level down to where he wouldn’t run amok in my house.

Getting your dog neutered has many benefits. These are just some of the benefits that I noticed with my own dog after I got him neutered. I know that your dog could have a variety of results compared to mine. Each dog will have different benefits, but if you talk to your veterinarian they should be able to help you with what you could expect from your dog. You can also [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]go to my site for more helpful information about neutering your dog, its benefits and other ways on how to properly take care of your adorable pet.

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Just like humans, some dogs have fears and are traumatized from events that occurred in their past. Whether the level of fear is minimal or to the point where they are deeply traumatized, how you react to your pet can make all the difference. It can help your pet transform from a scared and confused dog to one that is lively and happy.

Pay Attention

Your dog will give you signs when he is scared or petrified of an object or action. He will cower, the ears will go back and the tail will go in between the legs. Another sign is that he will run or back away from an object that is near him. He may also be frightened by people, tremble, cower in the corner, avoid any interaction with humans or be mostly inactive. When you pay attention to when he exhibits these behaviors, you can pinpoint what the source of his fear is.

Avoid Loud Noises or Fast Movements

When a dog is scared of a specific item, moving it quickly can make his fear worse. When a dog is traumatized in general, any fast movements or loud noises could deepen his fear. Keep the noise level to a minimum, move slowly around him and whatever item he is scared of, make sure to keep it away from him.

Sit on the Floor

When you want to be in the presence of a skittish dog, one of the worst things you can do is to tower over him. He may feel intimidated, scared and it could affect how he feels and reacts toward you. Sitting on the floor gets you down to your dog’s level or below it so he can feel more at ease. It also gives him an opportunity to get used to you and approach you when he is ready and does not consider you a threat.

Move Slowly

When you go toward a dog, especially one that is scared or traumatized, the worst thing you can do is move toward him as though he is an inanimate object. Never go at a dog with your hand out and over him. Hold your hand low, palm up, and even with his nose. Move slowly and carefully. Hold your hand about two feet from the dog and let him come to you. If he wants to approach you, he will sniff your hand and move toward you. Let him take the lead on the situation.

Love Not Punishment

Screaming at or punishing a dog that reacts out of fear can traumatize him further. Instead, speak in a calm voice and give plenty of reassurance. Providing treats when he reacts to a situation properly, such as when he reacts calmly to new people or an object that usually scares him, is a good way to give positive reinforcement and let him know it is okay.

Be patient

A dog’s behavior is not going to change overnight. It takes time, understanding and consideration of the dog’s feelings. The more calm and patient you are, the better results you may have.

For more helpful and effective tips on how to calm your dog and how to treat your pet properly, you can [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]check this site out. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to know what’s best for your dog. You should keep their health and safety a top priority.

If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior when he is afraid, it is vital that you get help from an animal behaviorist and not go it alone. It can be a dangerous situation when a dog becomes aggressive as he could hurt himself or others. The sooner you get him help, the better. In addition, if you do everything in your power to help your dog and he does not respond and is still traumatized or scared, consult with the behaviorist as soon as possible.

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When we decided to transition our dog to a raw diet, we did a ton of research about the different meat sources we could potentially use. While our dog does get a variety, we decided to feed a diet based on chicken. Not only is it cheap and easy to procure, it is also one of the best protein sources for a raw diet.

Chicken Safety

There were a few safety questions we had to address when deciding to feed raw meat to our dog, especially chicken. First, would the dog get sick? Chicken is notorious for harboring bacteria when uncooked. The website Myths About Raw addresses this concern. Dogs’ digestive systems are much better equipped than ours for handling bacteria without getting sick. Salmonella infections are extremely rare in healthy adult dogs. Puppies, elderly dogs and those with immune system issues are more susceptible to salmonella, but if your adult dog is healthy, you probably don’t need to worry.

The second question we had was about chicken bones. You hear horrible stories about chicken bones piercing through a dog’s stomach or getting caught in their throat. That is a real threat with cooked chicken. According to ThreeDogBlog.com , cooking chicken turns the bones brittle and they can easily splinter. Raw chicken bones are much softer, and so most dogs can eat chicken wings, necks and carcasses with no harm. If you’re still uneasy with feeding your dog chicken bones (as we are!), you can still get all the nutritional components by grinding them up. The bones offer important nutritional value, so don’t leave them out entirely! Chicken is actually ideal: wings have a good flesh to bone ratio, and are small and easy to handle for most dogs.

Easily Digestible

My friend has a pit bull that is prone to digestive upset. She swears by boiled chicken meat and rice whenever her dog has a flare-up, since these two bland foods are easy to digest. Chicken is some of the most digestible protein you can feed to your dogs. Some dogs have been known to develop allergies to beef products, but they are fine on a chicken diet.

Proteins and Amino Acids

Studies done decades ago cite diets high in protein as the cause of kidney failure in dogs. It is true the low quality protein can cause kidney damage. Low quality protein generates large amounts of waste when it is processed by the liver. This leaves the kidneys to clean up, leading to severe kidney problems. High quality protein, such as real, raw chicken, does not generate high amounts of waste, putting much less stress on the kidneys. According to About.com, six chicken wings have up to 34 grams of protein; a 6oz piece of breast meat can have almost 40. Amino acids, which make up proteins, are important building blocks for your dog’s body. So a diet high in good quality protein helps your dog lead a healthier life.

“Good” Fats

Chicken is low in overall fat, and higher in unsaturated fat. It also has some of the best fatty acids of all these other protein sources This is comparable to other meats such as beef, lamb, and turkey. However, most of these meats also carry a higher percentage of saturated fats.

Important Minerals

For our domestic pets, one of the most important mineral considerations should be the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of your dog food. These two minerals work together to grow and maintain healthy teeth and bones, among other things. Too much or two little of either can cause a host of skeletal issues. The great thing about feeding chicken necks and wings is that the bones are small and easily consumed by most dogs, and also happen to be a great source of the proper amounts of both calcium and phosphorus. The marrow in bones also includes copper and iron, both important for combating fatigue. Including chicken bones in your dog’s meal, either whole or ground, makes it easier to feed your dog the proper amounts of both.


Chicken fat contains vitamins A, D, and E. Vitamin A helps with vision and coat health, vitamin D works with calcium and phosphorus to promote strong bones and teeth, and vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, which is essential for proper reproduction and is one factor in preventing cancer. For more information on vitamins and minerals, visit www.dogfoodproject.com.

Teeth Health

Not only does chicken contain good protein and many essential vitamins and minerals, the act of eating chicken helps keep teeth clean. The chewing of chicken bones will also develop the muscles in the face, jaw, and neck.

Aside from raw chicken, there are other food that you may consider making your dog healthy and strong. You can [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]have a peek here for more information. This site will give you additional tips and knowledge on how to uphold the health of your beloved pet.

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Online auctions are everywhere. Some specialize in one type of product and others are jacks of all trades. In this mix is a new auction site called Auction Addict.

Auction Addict is like a hodgepodge of major retailers. It is an alternative to eBay. You can browse through a wide variety of products and bargain shop between retailers like Wal-mart and Overstock.com.

The large variety of items to be found works to keep the prices reasonable. It is free to register with the site. Once you come up with a username and password you can look around and see what items are currently in auctions.

If you have something to sell, come on over. Any member of the site can list their auction items for free. Setting up individual stores on Auction Addict is also encouraged and there is no charge. The site provides step by step instructions to get you started on your store.

Sellers also avoid paying commission fees on items when they sell. This helps to keep the price low on more popular items for auction. Items for sale include computers, trading cards, stamps, clothing, and electronics – to name a few. If you find that an item is not available, offering it and building a niche on that site can bring you profit.

Auction Addict is free for buyers. They can register with the site and look around for items to bid on. When it comes to paying for winning bids, Auction Addict offers a wide variety of accepted payments. They take credit cards, checks, money orders, and also run a service similar to PayPal. There is a payment method to fit your needs.

Auction addicts can be summed up in an entire article as given in Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews that devises new schemes of getting rich quickly aside from the payment method involved in buying and selling auctioned items at a steady pace at a worthy price. 

Before you bid, evaluate the sellers as well as the products. Auction Addict uses a feedback system similar to that used on other auction sites. Potential bidders can view the feedback left by other buyers for a particular seller.

If the feedback is good, then you can be reasonably sure that the seller has dealt honestly and in a timely manner with their customers. As a buyer, you are also encouraged to leave feedback when you win a bid. Others will use it to measure the worth of a seller.

Negative feedback is a fair indicator that buyers have had problems with a seller. Proceed with caution when dealing with that seller or better still, look for another seller with a better feedback rating who is selling a similar item. The feedback system is in place to ensure safe practices during auctions.

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Escape from Tarkov is one of the best action cum survival games that may take your breath away. With suitable controls and powerful battling strategy, it is time for players to be steady and advance their own movements. If you are eager to be a part of this combat game, first things first; you must get your coaching done. Visit the eft store and start your training to successfully learn to use the control keys. 

Controls in this game are significant and its elements define the whole layout of this hardcore game. Therefore, you must be sure of all of it and how and when you must use it. The controls comprise of hotkeys and even keybindings that exert an equal amount of importance in the game. To start progressing, the details of these keys are must be within your grip. 

The different shooting controls available:

The control keys in the game are meant to be studied in detail. These can be accessed directly from your gaming PC keyboard. The main aim of these keys is to direct the controlling strategies of the game and help you in realizing all military management techniques. Once an enemy approaches, you can use the keys to shoot and protect yourself. Therefore, the hotkeys form an important part of all battleground fights that can increase your chance of becoming an A-grade player. 

From equipment to general controls, some of the most important hotkeys are listed below:

  • You can zoom in to catch hold of sight in the game with shift and right-click. This will also give you a perfect aim for shooting.
  • Press the B key and start firing. You can change the mode of firing anytime with just a flick. 
  • If you are unsure about the steadiness of your weapon, press L and check on your weapon instantly. You must inspect it thoroughly assess its functions or simply go for a new one. The Up and down keys will enable different kinds of firing modes that can be used anytime in the game. 
  • The tab key will directly open up the gaming inventory. You can change its settings as per your own concerns. 
  • Alt key and T key will let you estimate the character’s strength in the game. 
  • If you want to check on your weapon chamber, click on the Shift key and T. You can also count the number of bullets you have at your disposal. 
  • Reloading the bullets is important. You can simply not take a long time and wait for your enemy to hit your back. Therefore, to strike immediately, simply press Double RR. This will give you a quicker reloading option without any technical snag.
  • If you want to reload selectively, you can press the R button and hold the downward mouse button. This will help you to reload specific chambers of your weapon only. 
  • Sometimes, if you want to skip and move ahead quickly, press the right button or the left key. 
  • To turn on and turn off any kind of background music, press T. 

Types of combat keys that are important for players:

Whist at the elf store tutorial service, it is also mandatory for players to take note of the combat keys as well. For players to secure themselves, it is important to acknowledge the definition and role of these keys. Therefore a quick look at them is as follows:

  • If you are using an instrument to spot your enemy, the Ctrl and T key will help you activate the laser sight. You can also turn it off with the same control button. 
  • For dragging items and dropping them off, simply use the key1. 
  • For battling against your enemy with the help of grenades, you must press 6 and get access to it.
  • For instant throw, use the key F1. 

Apart from the above, it is also important to pay attention to some extra details of protecting your own self during an enemy attack. These keys include:

  • To lean back and forth, you must press Q and E.
  • To slow down and then lean back and forth, Press Alt D and Alt-A.
  • If you need to crouch, Press C.
  • To return back to your previous location, Press X.
  • For side-stepping on the right or to the left, press Alt and Q and Alt and E.
  • If you want to communicate and respond to your partner, Press Y.

The final conclusion:

All these hotkeys and keybindings available in the game Escape from Tarkov helps players reach new heights. Getting started with these control keys only requires some patience. With time, you will receive the satisfaction of controlling the keys and enjoying the game with full potential. You can always return back to the tutorial to learn more about these hotkeys. 

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As Internet Week 2010 was winding down, another similar meeting of the minds was gearing up. Taking place on the west coast at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills in mid-June was the 2010 Social Networking Conference. The get together that ran June 16th through June 18th gathered both online industry and business professionals to discuss current and future strategies for the digital social realm.

The core focus of this year’s conference was the hot topic of social networking and using the increasingly popular platform for knowledge and idea sharing, collaboration, improved performance and productivity, and advertising and revenue.

This was going to be the conference of a lifetime even though I was more preoccupied with names that make your hotel stand out and some important aspects that I had overlooked prior to this meeting.

During the conference’s first day, an introduction to the new social web, and an ecosystem that comes along with it was the topic of discussion. The important message? The social web changes the way individuals interact, collaborate, and spend money. Of key interest at the executive level the fact that social networks and related behaviors are not just things for kids; in particular, Facebook and Twitter. The two popular and continuously growing social platforms have an extensive user base, all of which are potential customers, and many of which mean to do some serious business.

The day continued with a drill down of specifics. Creating executive driven social network initiatives while balancing and managing risk helped to educate the executive that doesn’t fully understand a social network’s use, impact, and value. Directed topics included microtargeting, or finding people with highly specific interests by leveraging social using search and personas, and relevance, or handling consumers with an authentic value proposition focused on their niche interest. In conclusion, these topics also addressed business initiatives that drive the top line, while reducing costs.

A session on specific social networks and their uniqueness compared to each other in the business market, including their methods and tools was held. Participants received a presentational overview of Linkedin’s Profiles, Polls, Answers, Groups, and direct Direct Ads, compared to Facebook’s marketing tools such as Ads, Messages, and Fan Pages. Twitter tools, and gaining valuable followers was also included as a valuable topic. Of additional importance was the understanding of Youtube as not only a method for searching for information, but also the power it has to make or break a brand.

The conference rounded out with discussions of social network mobility, and the direction that devices such as the iPhone take the platform and its users. Guest presentations also included information privacy, development and trends, and specific social networking strategies used by a variety of industries. Of interest;The Jim Henson Company presented on Social Networking  amp; Children, while Cisco presented on Enterprise Social Networking and New Markets. The US Department of State discussed Security and Access, The Los Angeles Times compared Social Media vs Mass Media, and Intel presented an evolution of a Social Media Strategy.

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Everyone is familiar with the phrase ‘no win, no fee’. But what does it actually mean? Here is a quick guide to provide you with more information if you are considering entering into such an agreement with your solicitor

No Win, No Fee Overview

 No win, no fee is the more common name given to Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs). These were introduced in the UK in 1995, and consist of a special type of agreement that is made with a solicitor whereby if the claimant loses the case, they will not be responsible for paying their solicitor’s fees.

No win, no fee agreements have developed something of a bad reputation in some areas due to the dubious practices by some claims management companies. However, it is important to remember that CFAs are a good thing. Legal aid for personal injury claims was abolished by the government in April 2000, and CFAs allow many people to get access to justice where they may not have been able to afford it without such an agreement.

What Happens if You Win?

 If you win your case, currently the solicitor will take their fee from the losing party and you will get to keep all of the compensation. This means that you do not lose out.

However, the losing party also has to pay for a number of other fees. These include the disbursements, which are expenses that you have had to pay including court fees and medial reports (although your solicitor may have paid these for you).

At the current time, the solicitor will often charge the losing party a fee known as a ‘success fee’ because of the risk that they took in taking on your case. In some cases the success fee can be up to 100% of their own costs, but this varies by solicitor.

Winning is really important in this case because most of the favor will go into your side. Hence, one of the keyways for you to have high chances of winning is to hire the best lawyer. El Cajon car accident lawyer is the best deal to consider.

Changes in April 2013

 The rules surrounding success fees is set to change in April 2013 when the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act comes into effect. This will prevent solicitors from claiming success fees from the losing party, meaning you could have to pay your solicitor’s success fee out of your compensation, reducing the overall amount of compensation that you receive.

What Happens if You Lose?

 If you lose your case, you will not have to pay for the fees of your solicitor. However, that does not mean that you will not have to pay any costs.

These costs could include the solicitor’s costs for the winning side, the success fee and the disbursements. These can sometimes cost thousands of pounds, so it is usually recommended that you purchase an insurance policy to cover you in case you lose.

ATE Insurance

 ATE insurance stands for After the Event insurance. This is a type of insurance that you purchase to cover your costs in the event that you lose your case. If you lose, you will have to pay for the premium of your ATE insurance. If you win then the losing side currently pays the premium on top of the other expenses.

However, this is also set to change in April 2013 when new laws come into place preventing the winning side from charging the losing side for the premium, so this is something that you will have to pay as well even if you win.

As a result, general damages are set to be increased by 10% to make up for the fact that you will be paying extra for ATE and the success fee, so that you still get a fair level of compensation.

Always Find Out the Details Before Agreeing to Anything

 Your solicitor should always explain everything to you in detail, including any expenses that you may be liable to make, before you agree to a no win, no fee arrangement. If you are ever in doubt then ask your solicitor, and if you do not feel like they are providing you with the full information, simply find another solicitor.

No win, no fee agreements are a useful way for you to get access to justice, but you should always be 100 percent clear about what is involved and the possible outcomes for you before you agree to anything.

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Pure HCG reviews

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Pure HCG drops (also known as Celeste HCG or Celeste Pure HCG) offers a higher concentration of HCG per drop than any other product on the market. Unlike many of their competitors, they produce their own drops and sell them at a more competitive rate. Despite the terrible looking website design, there are many benefits to using this product, including what you would expect from any HCG drop: rapid weight loss. If you are hoping to burn off the pounds and get back to looking good, there are few products that can compete.

The Pure HCG product includes drops that are advertised as containing a higher concentration of HCG per drop than the competitors. They also include:

These products, when combined, can help you get through the weight loss process in minimal time. Many individuals find that having the full program at their finger tips makes it much easier to get through the initial 15 to 30 days. At that point, the process becomes habit, and you will have the will power to continue with a healthier lifestyle than previously thought possible.

If you are willing to invest a bit more, you can get the full package that includes vitamins, like B-12, and more. These products are crucial to helping you maintain health throughout the rapid weight loss program.

Pure HCG drops doesn’t have alcohol in it, so dieters have to refrigerate it within 10 days of getting it or after they open the bottle. The product works, and since you receive a full kit, detailing each and every step of the program, it’s very easy to stay on track. But in order to get the full benefit, you have to purchase the most expensive package. This is a good idea, but not everyone will be able to afford it.

One thing that is rather irritating, but can easily be overlooked, is the appearance of the website and the constant claims that “all other products are fake.” While this vigilantism is appreciated, it’s really not necessary when selling the product. It may cause many to shy away from using the product.

If you are looking for a full weight loss solution, then Pure HCG offers a package you should consider. They make it a point to include all of the “bonuses” that you need to lose weight. The basic product starts at $66.72 with shipping as low as $10.65. This brings the total for an order to just under $80, which is cheaper than many competitors (but not the cheapest, as Pure HCG claims).

Customer satisfaction was generally high with most complaints focusing on the high price. If you are already familiar with the HCG protocol, then it may be best for you to avoid the full package and stick with the basic supplement. It is proven to be very effective and it has a lot of positive feedback from customers. If you are looking for the right platform, make sure to get it right. 

If you are looking for an HCG product from a company that prides itself on providing honest testimonials and a supplement that works, then Pure HCG is where you should start. The added vitamins and other benefits really make the difference to your long term success.

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Cooking with cast iron cookware can produce some of the best food in the world. It offers a good old fashioned home taste and a way to invent some creative foods at the same time.

Cooking with cast iron cookware is somewhat different than other types of cookware, as these types of pots and pans need a special kind of care before cooking in them. As my grandmother taught me years ago, they need to be “seasoned.” Seasoning cast iron cookware can be done by using two different main methods.

The first method is oiling and baking. This method involves oiling or greasing the pan with nothing else in it except the grease, followed by baking it for approximately half an hour at around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, the pan is removed and wiped down very gently without scrubbing. Once it is wiped down, the pan needs to be put back into the oven for an additional thirty to forty more minutes. After that, the first several times that you cook in it should be things that require a lot of fat and grease in the cooking, or have a lot of natural fat in the food itself, allowing some additional seasoning. Afterward, be sure never to scrub it, just rinse it out and then wipe it out gently.

The other method is simply oiling it. The cast iron cookware is rubbed in with either fat, oil or lard and then wiped off gently but not thoroughly. Next, the pan should be used to cook foods that are greasy in nature the first several times it is used. Things like bacon and sausage work quite well, naturally adding additional seasoning each time it is used.. 

After the cast iron cookware has been well seasoned, it can be used to cook just about anything that you would like to use it for. You can fry in it or even bake biscuits or breads, or anything in between. Cast iron can be used for both baking and cooking on a stove top. Before the purchase of the stove from homedesignx site, essential things should be in the notice of the people. It will deliver various advantages to the person in the cooking of the food. Both the baking and cooking can be done effectively at the stove to get the desired results. 

When cleaning cast iron cookware, it is done a bit differently from most other common cookware, so special care is needed. It is not something to be done in a dishwasher. It needs to be done in a special way by hand in order to keep the seasoning in it. Wiping it down gently and then boiling it in plain water, then wiping it out gently once again is all that is needed. Never ever scrub cast iron cookware with metal or steel wool, as that will destroy all of the seasoning. If you must get food particles off of it then be sure to use something more gentle such as plastic.

Cast iron cookware is the most effective way that I know of to preserve the best flavors of food possible and your taste buds will definitely know the difference.

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It’s been two months since we’ve all gathered together for our morning conversations about social media and how best to use it in your business and in your life. Quite frankly, we’ve missed everyone.

Rain slowed us down a bit this morning, but we were grateful to have a few moments to talk about what’s been on our mind since June’s breakfast.

The theme on everyone’s mind seems to have been “change.” It’s inevitable that the social networks and media we use on a daily basis are going to change. They’re businesses, and they’re all competing against one another. It can be hard to keep up. As one breakfast attendee phrased it, “what’s right today isn’t what’s going to be right tomorrow.”

More than that, we decided that the fact of the matter is that there’s no solid definition of what is and isn’t ’social.’ There hasn’t been a solid definition of social media for a while, but we know it when we see it. The definitions we’re realizing after this morning’s conversation, however, have less to do with the underlying technology of a particular website, and instead, have far more to do with the behaviors and the philosophies of its users. The video length guide is available between the stories of different accounts. The duration of the video is low for increasing the attention of the audience. The information about the latest trends and new business products are provided to the active people. The use of popular hashtags can be done. 

“Social,” we’ve come to understand – though we may not have put it into words before – is fundamentally a philosophy of maintaining credibility and respect for whomever you serve, through openness, transparency and participation.

A business, therefore, can have a presence on Twitter or Facebook, but if all it does is post links to its website or talks about itself, it is merely using online media, not social media.

One of the best things about the Social Media Expedition, however, has always been that we don’t traffic in what’s right or wrong in social media, but in what works, based on sharing our experiences.

And that’s exactly what Kate Lollar Hancock, our speaker for the morning, did. Hancock, a native Memphian, is an account executive at Triple Point, the industry leader in public relations, marketing, business development, and product consulting within the games and digital media market.

Hancock proceeded to deliver, based on her experience, a thorough description of just how the online video gaming industry is using social media to promote games, provide customer service, and even add functionality to their games.

She began by making the strong point that online games and social media were meant for each other. Whereas social media helps bring gaming into the mainstream, online games and gamers have always been at the forefront of the social movement.

She also made the point that the two worlds are blending together – games started as social activities. Think about Scrabble, Pictionary, or even marbles. Most games have always been meant to bring people together. It makes sense that as video games mature from single-player things, that they evolve into things like massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) such as World of Warcraft.

Even those MMOGs are not stationary. According to Hancock, they’re incorporating features such as the Twitter application TwitterCraft, built to allow in-game tweeting.

Meanwhile, games on Facebook move the other way. Hancock used the example of playing a game of online Scrabble with her mother – it’s a sense of connectedness and closeness that you just don’t get from email or Facebook messages.

But what are the lessons to be learned from her experiences? Hancock recommended trying anything you think might work. There is very little productive in worrying about whether you’re using your social presence in the right or wrong way, so long as you’re paying attention to your audience.

Make a point to experiment with new techniques – acting like an early adopter, Hancock said, will help you be bold, creative and new. The important thing for your audience is that you engage them in a meaningful – and thereby fun – way.

The implication is that succeeding in showing care for your audience will help you not just build and retain a fanbase, but help differentiate your brand. How does this happen? According to Hancock, “People want to talk about your company. So let them.”

After an informative and encouraging talk, we broke into small groups for core conversations. The voted topics were Blogging, Facebook for business, and Social Media 101. It’s encouraging to see the Social Media 101 group get smaller every month, as everyone gets more comfortable with their footing in the social realm. We like to see people begin to explore, to their fullest, the possibilities inherent in social media.

Stay in touch – we’ve got a busy, busy fall coming up, and we’d certainly like to see you around for all of it. The next SocialCamp will be September 19th, followed by RealCamp (literally, camping) October 17, and BarCamp November 14.

We’ll keep you posted, and we’d like to encourage you to join us on August 20 for TwilightCamp, our monthly evening mixer.

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Nik Sharpener Pro

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I have a very dear friend who has become a quite famous nature photographer. He once explained that the art of photography did not just consist in taking the picture, but also in its development. I had thought that with his photographs, their fantastic qualities consisted in his remarkable eye for beauty and his superb camera equipment. However he explained that in addition to the photographers equipment and eye, the development of the film, and the way that this was done was essential to the quality of the photo. To have the right amount of color and sharpness in an image took hours in development for the second it took to snap the picture.

He incidentally would not touch a digital camera and only because of our friendship would he tolerate my digital camera around him at all. And alas, until recently his point was well taken…the point being for him that digital photography was not real photography but merely the toys of weekend snappers. Things have improved since this discussion last year.

The quality of the cameras has improved–in many ways beginning to come up to the quality of a “regular” photograph. Though he would not be convinced as of yet, I am convinced, and many other professional photographers are at least carrying a digital camera, and some, have even gone exclusively to them (not many…but a few). The real innovations in photography these days are in the digital field. But that also is true of the development end of the photograph. nik Multimedia is one company that has the professional photographer in mind with its software–considering in its development the clarity, colors, detail, and characteristics of the digital image with the end of protecting and bringing forth the original photographic qualities of what the photographer actually saw through the lens and envisioned in print. 

The print is what makes up the final copy of the image so it has to be of top notch quality so that it would make the final picture look good and happening as adobe photoshop mac free is quite an easy option to utilize in current times without compromising on the quality aspect.

 nik Sharpener Pro! is designed to optimize prints for all types of printers, including small, medium, and large format printers. The software makes use of a sharpening process that analyzes a digital image to determine how it can be optimally sharpened without losing the beauty of the shot.. To do so, nik Sharpener Pro! filter considers the clarity of the image, the level of detail, the colors in the image and its overall characteristics in order to protect these image components and maintain an image’s original photographic qualities. Lets begin with this photo that I took recently of a rose. Please take note that it is not fully in focus: The plug-in filter for Photoshop and the other photo-editing programs, is designed to give an optimal yet refined sharpening for each photo on its individual characteristics. After bringing up the picture you choose, in this case of the rose, you begin to use the filter by first stating your designated printer, in my case it happens to be an inkjet, but it may be a color laser, an offset printer, or the photo may not be printed at all but sharpened for use on the internet:

The next menu that appears after you choose your printer is the sharpening menu with some quite exacting choices. If one chooses the Autoscan feature for the inkjet printer, the process is set to analyze the photo, consider the colors, its amount of detail, resolution and the overall quality of the image. Note that at the bottom of the screen below, the details of the image and its results if you choose “OK” are present. The autoscan feature begins the process that you finish as you give the width and height you wish the image printed at, the dpi of the printer itself, the quality of the printer, the distance from which you will be viewing the image and a three level personal profile that also gives a greater or lesser degree of sharpening to the finished image: Here is the finished result. The petals and the greenery are more defined, but truly they still look quite refined, only having taken a degree of the blurriness out of the picture. Scroll up and look at the original image and the improvement made with this one and the way that the image is protected to the extent that its photographic quality is maintained.

The end result is a natural look to the enhanced digital photograph. You can also do all of the manipulation yourself if you choose not to use the “Autoscan” feature. At the bottom of the settings for the filter is a warning system that accesses whether the overall clarity of the image or the resolution will print well using the parameters that have been chosen. This tells us whether we should enlarge the image or scale it down some. In the above using the “Autoscan” feature, I was told that the image would print “blurry”, but when I adjusted some of the features manually below, there were no warning. This is quite helpful in getting the image just right on the printed page: You might scroll up and see the difference between the original rose, the “Autoscan” rose, and this final rose which I manually set the parameters for. Finally, let me put two pictures right after one another so that you can again see how improved the sharpening feature is without causing the picture to look distorted. Note as well how much more defined the wood chips around the roses are in the second photo: This is an excellent program for the professional and the weekend digital photographer that who, through the right use of this “sharpening” filter, attempts to get his photo “just right!”

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Interest in hair extensions is growing steadily. In a wide range of age groups, women change their look with extensions. For many younger women, would be to change a selection of fun and adventure in style. For some older women may contribute to a decision, thinning hair. Both With clip on hair extensions can give the complete look lush. Simply connect the clip on the root of your natural hair. A quick search on the Internet are spoilt for choice. However, the best clip in hair extensions to the remy human hair 100%.

Clip on extensions are available in different colours and hair lengths. It’s about finding the best clip in hair extensions for hair color and flavor. Human hair weft extensions, a definitive solution because they are glued or stitched head. Can also be applied with micro rings or bushings.

These extensions require a professional stylist. In addition, they are more expensive and enjoyed an interview and graphs. You need a professional designer you will need to remove these extensions as well. The proper maintenance and care require multiple visits to the Salon. While with the clip on hair extensions, you can apply and remove safely alone. Some experiments are done through the experts with extensions cheveux to change the style and look of the people. The fixing of the extensions is great to meet with the desired results. The removing of the extensions is easy and simple for the people. 

Keratin/weaving/weft extensions stick Tip nail U-Tip and I are extensions that need to obtain assistance from a qualified stylist for the best view. Here everything good choice, the method and style of hair extensions is determined by preferences. U Tip Nail Tip extensions I stick mix by some as easier because. Hair, that can be applied by each individual wires strands are then attached to your device with heat or melt.

On the other hand, the use of clip on hair extensions is easy. If you want to see the experiences of other women, clip on hair extensions, there are dozens of videos online of personal travel stories people hair.

 The hair extensions source vary. In recent years, China, Peru and Brazil have increasingly sources used in hair extensions. However, human hair extensions, most are derived by from India. Indian hair extensions Remy are considered the highest quality and are also the most expensive. If money is the priority, it is possible to buy synthetic hair extensions.

Many companies offer products of synthetic hair, which appear very similar to human hair can … The best hair extensions, synthetic hair fiber from Switzerland and France are imported. These fiber strands are incredibly strong and durable. But with synthetic hair, like all fibers that often view frizz and fray that react as if each fiber when exposed to sunlight, water and chemicals used in hair care every day.The decision is up to you to decide what your lifestyle and budget better. Either human or synthetic hair, clip on hair extensions, hair extensions weft or pre final extensions keratin glues.

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